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Video: Texas A&M e-card to the SEC reeks of desperation

UPDATE: After a wave of ridicule and mockery, A&M has pulled down this video. Thankfully, however, you can still find it here.

Texas A&M is now a member of the SEC, and the Aggies' first act is to ... beg to be liked.

Aggies ... c'mon. You are better than this. You were so sick and tired of being treated like the forgotten middle child to the Longhorns and already you are begging the SEC to like you.

For the love of John David Crow, get some self respect and have some confidence. Give me some swagger; tell the SEC you are going to stomp over them and steal their girlfriend, not this "Don't I look pretty, too?" garbage.


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Leroy Smith

that was just plain horrible


Aggies are a really strange breed


you can't make this stuff up
27-25 hookum


Even after they leave, Aggies are still the gift that keeps on giving. The SEC does understand there is a "No Returns" policy, right?


This SEC stuff makes it real easy for a smooth break up with Texas A&M while I move on to my next love. Go Frogs.


Ags are like the fat girl that shows up at Prom without a date, and wears a tank top, high cut shorts, and tries to flirt with every football player, only to finally realize she won't go home with any of them. Sad, sad, bunch of dog worshiping, fake army wacko's. Enjoy getting raped in the SEC, 27-25 S E C-ya!


What was that all about?

Bob In Arlington

So you're invited to the party, you show up with a twleve pack and back in through the door, you drop your shorts, showing your butt, only to discover it's a formal with tuxedo's and a date.

The Aggies left the Big-12 with a choke and show up at the SEC with a joke.

Let the reverberations begin... the Aggies will see this come back to haunt them at every away stadium they show up at this coming season.

Brings a tear to your eye, don't it! I'm still laughing at the Morons and White... sorry maroon and... oh, well.

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