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Why do people hate Americans? Start with the Bacon Sundae by Burger King

IMG_0977Not among the more than 110 items listed on the Burger King nutrition information sheet avalaible is the new Bacon Sundae that is now offered, for what hopefully is a limited time only.

The words "Bacon Sundae" and "nutrition" really don't belong on the same sheet of paper.

Alas, there it sits, in all of its gluttonous glory - the combination of soft serve ice cream, caramel sauce, hot chocolate sauce, chunks of real bacon and one strip of bacon.

Because the last time I ate ice cream with a spoon my first thought was, "This would be so much better if the spoon was a piece of bacon."

Burger King has made that vision a reality. 
Thank. God.

Giant fast food chains are now stepping in to succeed when the local state fair fails to meet our demands for the twisted and odd caloric combinations of crap.

If you think this sounds bad, wait 'til you taste it.

According to the good people working the counter at a local BK, this thing is so popular they can't always offer it. Speaking of ... it makes no sense why America continues to sit atop the Fattest Nation Alive power poll.

IMG_0976What does it taste like? Just like it sounds. Imagine the soft serve vanilla ice cream with the sweetness of chocolate and caramel sauce. With that sugary combination floating in your brain, throw a piece of bacon in there.

The oil and the grease of the bacon don't disrupt the flavor of this normal creation as much as it just feels out of place. 

It is sensory overload, yet strangely addictive. So much so that I finished this assault on my waistline.

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I have to admitt; they got it right. It's delicious. The only thing they need to change is they need to offer a side order of fries with it.

Good Appetite!


Don't knock it until you try it. It aint lo-cal but it is delicious!


These kinds of "foods" are what cause heart disease. Humans aren't made to eat meat so adding it to ice cream is really gross.

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