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Albert Breer of NFL Network talks RGIII, Tebow & D-E-Z

W2y0bafictubmh0be89hIt has been said that Albert Breer of the NFL Network not only doesn't sleep, but he already has more airline miles than George Clooney's character in "Up in the Air". 

A forever friend to The Big Mac Blog, Breer has already visited the training camps of the Ravens, Patriots, Falcons, Bengals, Colts, Bears and will hit the Jets and Giants before Saturday.

You can follow him on Twitter @AlbertBreer.

He stopped by to chat about a handful of NFL storylines.

The Big Mac Blog: What do you make of Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant.
Albert Breer: It's a reminder how important it is to develop guys and stay on the right track. But I can't stop thinking about before he was drafted how many people were saying, 'The last place he can go is Dallas.' It's hard not wonder if he had gone to Seattle or a zillion other places if this would be different. Dallas was the one place he couldn't go. I know the Cowboys didn't ignore it, but ... you don't know.

The Big Mac Blog: Do you see the Cowboys improving or remaining in the middle? 
Albert Breer: I think you see a lot of guys that were 26 and 27 and they are now 30 and 31 - guys like Ware, Witten, Ratliff. They have done a nice job of building a good young core. There is a player development there that will be crucial for them going forward. Getting Sean Lee into the position of taking the next step. Getting Dez Bryant right. Developing those two tackles. Developing Morris Claiborne. They have a developing core.

Andrew-Luck-RookieThe Big Mac Blog: How ugly will the Colts' season be? 
Albert Breer: You can't compare Andrew Luck to Payton Manning's first year. If you are going to compare him to anybody it has to be Robert Griffin. Griffin is going into a situation where it will be the third year of the Redskins building that. The Colts are a total rebuild. I think they can protect Luck. Right now it's a four or five win team.

The Big Mac Blog: A lot of ookie QBs come into the NFL put on their new jersey and immediately look small compared to their new teammates; how does Andrew Luck look physically as an NFL player? 
Albert Breer: He looks enormous. Right now he and Reggie Wayne are attached at the hip, and Wayne is not a small receiver, and Luck dwarfs Wayne. Luck looks like a tight end. He could be a tight end.

The Big Mac Blog: How and where does Tim Tebow really fit with the Jets?
Albert Breer: I don't think this was a gimmick, but I do think part of the thinking was this is a way to put heat on Mark Sanchez. There is a perception that Sanchez has been coddled. I don’t think he’s been forced to answer for his failures. The Jets have treated it like we’re going to make sure that everything has been positive with him.

141921859_crop_650x440The Big Mac Blog: Can Tebow be an accurate NFL passer?
Albert Breer: Well I don't think the option thing is a gimmick. If someone installed that offense he ran at Florida it would work. I don’t think he’s a conventional QB. There are a lot of people who scout college football who believe that. Chan Gailey said what the Broncos were doing wasn’t a gimmick but you need three of those guys to run it because they're going to get hurt. The injury thing is a huge thing. You can’t find three Tim Tebows or three Cam Newtons. Those guys are usually a defensive end.

The Big Mac Blog: How much longer of the Bounty Gate stuff will endure?
Albert Breer: It depends on what happens with Jonathan Vilma’s injucniton. The guys are worried about their names being cleared. The thing is starting to shrink from the headlines. The guys who really want to see their names cleared will see this thing go through the courts and it will take forever then. If you are serious about clearing your name you will take the time and spend a lot of money to do it. 

The Big Mac Blog: How much longer can we expect the Patriots hold up?
Albert Breer: Just depends on how much Tom Brady and Bill Belichik are there. For years the Patriots have been getting good players on the cheap because of those two. You get players who want to go there. For years I thought Bill would walk away when Brady was done. I am convinced now as it stand right now he’s going to outlast Brady in New England. He's in a very comfortable spot there from the way he lives to the way he can coach and run the team.

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Chiefs Fan

Not enough people know Albert. You need to keep interviewing him. He is bright, well spoken, and a very sharp guy. Nice article.


Yep. Albert is the real deal. Good interview.

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