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Angels CF Mike Trout & this former Texas Rangers MVP share this in common

Grant_g_trout1x_600Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout recently turned 15 years old and already he is the American League MVP, and its Rookie of the Year. His numbers are absurd:

.339 BA in 437 ABs
148 hits
22 doubles
6 triples
25 HR
74 RBI
41 steals
4 caught stealing
.401 on base percentag
.588 slugging

* Feeds the homeless
* Gives all of his money and future contracts to a village in Central America
* Delivers Meals on Wheels on Saturdays
* Is thought to be the Navy SEAL team 6 member who got Osama Bin Laden on the daring night raid
* Is secretly dating Condi Rice

He is thought to be the easy winner for the 2012 AL MVP award. 
He is has no business winning it.

ArodrangeWhy? The Angels are in third place in the AL West, nine games behind the Rangers for first and four for a wild card spot. Only if the Angels make a push and grab that playoff spot will I change my mind.

The best team in the league may not require an MVP candidate, but a team that does not make the playoffs, especially in the expanded format, was going to be just as irrelevant with or without a Mike Trout type of season.

The last time the AL MVP award went to a player on a team that didn't make the playoffs was in 2003 when Alex Rodriguez won it for the Rangers. They finished 71-91 that season.

Stat me up all you want - but a non-playoff team can't have the MVP.




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