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Another reminder of the Dallas Cowboys brilliant class of 2009

Victor-ButlerIt appears as if the Dallas Cowboys' draft class of 2009 - which included 12 picks - will be down to two on the active roster. At a time when a few of these guys should have stuck and by now are contributing members of this team, only two developed. Neither is a starter.

It looks as if former Texas A&M QB Stephen McGee is not going to make it, leaving only linebacker Victor Butler and tight end John Phillips from that class.

Jason Williams, LB, 3rd round
Robert Brewster, OT, 3rd rd
Stephen McGee, QB, 4th rd
Victor Butler, LB, 4th rd
Brandon Williams, DE, 4th rd
DeAngelo Smith, DB, 5th rd
Michael Hamlin, DB, 5th rd
David Buehler, K, 5th rd
Stephen Hodge, DB, 5th rd
John Phillips, TE, 6th rd
Mike Mickens, DB, 7th rd
Manuel Johnson, WR, 7th rd 



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example # 1,365.874 that Jerry Jones is a clown


It's sooo over for us this year. We need a real GM. Jerry is the worst.

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