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Both Rangers & Angels await returns on their "big" deadline pitching acquisitions

610x190Tonight at 7:05 p.m. at Texas Rangers Unsponsored Ballpark Name Stadium their "big time", trade deadline pitching acquisition starts against the Baltimore Orioles.

Ryan Dempster starts for the Rangers. Since being acquired by the Cubs in a deadline deal, he is 1-1 with an 8.31 ERA. He has allowed 24 hits in 17 1/3 innings. That's not easy.

But the Rangers are 70-50 with a five game lead in the AL West.

If Ryan Dempster has you feeling a bit short changed, now imagine if you are a Los Angeles Angels fan, or coach, or manager, or player, or front office employee.

The day the Angels traded for Zack Greinke they were 55-46, and four games behind the Rangers for the division lead.
Today they Angels are 62-60, and nine games behind the Rangers for the division lead.

Just as Dempster has not provided the Rangers with type of top-of-the-rotation consistency, neither has Greinke. On Sunday against the Rays, Greinke took the loss and is now 1-2 with a 6.19 ERA for the Angels. The team is 1-4 in his starts. He allowed seven hits with four walks and six runs in six innings against the Rays.

Each pitcher is going to have at least six more starts, so there is more than enough time to make the respective deals look OK.

The way things are trending the Angels are looking awfully bad for their rent-a-pitcher.

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Dan Vincent

Mac, did either team give up anything of significance in their farm system? At least Dempster looked pretty decent last night.

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