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Breaking Bad feels as if it went one season too far

Breaking-bad-hazard-pay-recapThere are two episodes remaining in the first half of the final season of Breaking Bad, but it is beginning to feel as if creator Vince Gilligan should have stopped when both he and this show were at its peak last season. It is perhaps he never really wanted to do this, this final season, and he is pushing a premise that is already a bit absurd well over into just that realm.

In the finale of the previous season the whole premise and story arc had a nice ending that gave the show a feeling of finality, while leaving the imagination to ponder certain questions.

The primary question being whether Walter White would just give up the meth ring and return home.

The continuation of this series answers that question, along with a few others and in the process provides a handful of answers that quite simply are a bit too preposterous.

There have been some fun scenes along the way; the train heist scene was very well done and was this show at its very best.

It is one thing to present Mr. White's attempt to continue his career as a drug producer and now drug distributor in an effort to make up for the lost money.

It is quite another to buy Walter's wife, Skyler, going completely into a "different place" with a series of bizarre behaviors that no one really quite questions. Walter's whole family scene feels a bit too much.

Now they are adding a few more characters, which is normally a sign of a show that is running out of ideas for its primary leads.

The first four seasons of this show hit such a high standard that inevitably there was going to be a drop. The acting and the directing remain first rate and Breaking Bad is still fun theater, but where this season has missed is by its own standards set previously.


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I felt the same way after the first sentence of this post.


Wrong. Still good.



You don't know what you're talkin about! this season is awesome just as well!




I tend to disagree - the show still thrills...give it a chance. I think it's developing the plot and characters nicely in order to shock us with the finale. Can't wait!


I disagree. Walter needs to die. Hes turned into a psychopath. That was apparent last season. Everyone knew he poisoned Brock. Not to mention the fact he let Jane die, Which led to her father crashing that plane. That would have been horrible to end the series last season without killing Walter. This season had to happen, Walter will die this season. He has done too much.


Unfortunately this is my 1st season for watching this show, but I plan to see the other seasons cuz this show is so freaking awesome!!!! Wish it could continue.


I still love the show, the Skyler issue is overdone writing, acting or direction.


Skyler's part has turned to crap along with her acting or maybe I'm just mad at her...not sure which. I'm going to be pissed if Jesse goes to prison, he's the only good guy.


This is the best Skyler has been since season 3! She went through her depression state early but now she is ready to fight back to Walt with the passion we haven't seen since IFT. I'm actually glad she is heading in this direction.

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