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Dallas Cowboys No. 3 WRs vs. Plaxico Burress/Chad Johnson

Plaxico-big-jacket-burressSome time during the third quarter of the Dallas Cowboys' first fake football game of the season tonight against the Oakland Raiders we may have a good idea if the team actually has any legit No. 3 wide receiver or merely people dressed as such.

And around that time we may be able to determine whether the Cowboys would be wise to bring in recently cut Dolphins WR Chad Johnson. Or possibly bring in veteran WR Plaxico Burress (right) for a look. Just a look.

What we know is with Miles Austin and Dez Bryant in the top two wide receiving spots for the Cowboys, the team's No. 3 receiver may get a lot of quality time during the season as the No. 2. This is what we call a "serious problem."

Right now the Cowboys list as the "top" WRs behind Dez & Austin:
Kevin Ogletree: 3 seasons, 25 rec., 294 yards
Danny Coale: Rookie from Va Tech
Tim Benford: Rookie from Tenn Tech
Donavon Kemp: Rookie from UTEP
Cole Beasley: Rookie from SMU
Dwayne Harris: 2 seasons, 7 games, 0 rec.
Raymond Radway: 1 season
Andre Holmes: 1 season
Saalim Hakim: Rookie, Tarleton State

Would you rather any combination of any of these players vs. possibly Johnson or Burress?


Burress is 35.
Johnson is 34.

Both of these two are considerably more accomplished than the collection of nameless nobodies who are trying to catch Tony Romo's eyes.
But considering the baggage of both Johnson & Burress, and their age, a collection of young nameless nobodies is the better alternative.


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Cowboys are done this season

Good article. I'd love to see Plax and Chad Ocho-whatever in Big D. We are going to be terrible this season. Why not roll the dice on a couple of guys that need a team and the money. I'm only sorry we couldn't add these two clowns and TO. We would have a MASSIVE prima donna group then.

The Cowboy Way

We are not going to be good this year. he is a total gamble, but get him cheap and see what happens. GO BOYS!


We aren't that bad and Plax is an intriguing pick up. I hope we get him.

Randy in Arlington

He is tall, can catch, tons of experience; why not sign him up on the cheap. He has already been to jail. I don't see him causing lots of trouble.


How can u say we're gonna be bad?? Are Defense is stacked and r offense is always good. As long as we can make plays and be mentally tough then we got a shot to go far


Love to see Plaxico in Dallas. I think we are in for a tough season. We need the help and Plaxico could give us a new identity. I say, go get him

The Ocho

I like them both. Plaxico has great hands, is tall, gobs of experience - I like him. Chad Johnson can run a good route, has good hands, and has a decent resume.

We need them. Sign them up!!!!!


Why do we need to import a convicted criminal, and one who is now accused of a criminal act? Are there no good people left in professional sports that we must scrape the bottom? Yes, at one time, both these people were good players, but it seems to me that Cows have enough concerns starting with our GM! We don't need to bring in more problems.

WR City

We need Plax. I'm on the fence about Ochocinco but locking up Burress would be a good choice. I don't know if he will catch a lot of balls for us, but you would have to defend him. THAT TYPE OF HELP WE NEED!!!! Go get Plax!


Plaxico might not be available anyway. He is having a tryout with New England. Forget about it.


id rather have roy without question (for cheap) he just turned 30 and was rolling in 10 till romo went dn.. burress caugt just 43% last yr rw 61 percent btw

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