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Dallas Cowboys should just go with 2 QBs

Stephen+McGee+Miami+Dolphins+v+Dallas+Cowboys+N5QaNCPBkL_lIRVING, Texas - The Stephen McGree project, which is what it always was, appears to be over.

Not for a lack of effort or desire, but the former Texas A&M QB hasn't developed at a rapid enough rate for the Cowboys to justify keeping him on their roster for another season. All signs point to the Cowboys giving McGee one final look on Wednesday in the final fake football game of this preseason, but it looks as if they are either going to go with two QBs on their active roster or keep Rudy Carpenter.

In the preseason, McGee is 18-of-31 passing for 186 yards with 0 TDs, 1 INT and he has been sacked twice. It's not as if Carpenter is much better; he is 6-of-14 for 78 yards with a score. 

"We value a developing third guy," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said today. "Each of those guys have done a good job in training camp and in the preseason games. They can get better. We think it's an important position and we believe in allocating the right resources to it. But you have to understand where the third quarterback fits into the roster."

Read between the lines on this and Red is going with two. The problem is both Carpenter and McGee came into the league in the same year, and neither has really developed a lot.

Keep another WR, and cross your fingers Kyle Orton doesn't get hurt.

Or, just call Vince Young.

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He's been kept around too long. End it already!


Bring back the glory of Texas! Bring back VY!!!!

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