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Dallas Mavericks' odds of winning a title? Not "great"

Dwight-HowardThe grand-master plan of adding Deron Williams to the Dallas Mavericks? Didn't work out, but those O.J. Mayo jerseys figure to fly off the racks.

The plan to add Dwight Howard as a free agent in 2013? Still a possibility, as is Elvis coming back for one more tour.

Don't worry, now that Dwight Howard is with the Lakers and joins Kobe and Steve Nash, this is not going to be a problem for your Dallas Mavericks basketball team.

Team Denial is going to land Chris Paul next summer, and Dwight Howard. Because what most big-time free agents really desire is to leave the Los Angeles for Texas.

All frustration aside, the good people in Las Vegas have adjusted the odds of the 2013 NBA title.

Don't bank on buying extended Dallas Mavericks' playoff tickets just yet.

According to the website, the Mavericks are 18-1 "favorites" to win their second title.

The Miami Heat remain the odds-on favorites at 5 - 2.
The Lakers now are 3 - 1,  and were 5-1 before the Howard deal.
The Thunder are 11-2.

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You have got to be kidding!



Maybe cubey can sponsor an Elvis revival tour. He's told the media he's the only one who understands the CBA and most mavs fans believe it. Fans would "lemming up" to buy Elvis tickets. Maybe that would give him some extra cash for free agents.

Mav's Fan

We are soooooo done next year. I love Cuban too. I hope he is planning on putting together something. We are going to get smoked next year and the years to come if we don't start to get better SOON.

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