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Dear Roger Goodell - About preseason football, do the right thing

Roger_goodell1Dear NFL boss Roger Goodell,

Not sure you are aware of this, but there were a lot of people who paid anywhere between $45 to $185 to watch the Oakland Raiders play the Dallas Cowboys in a fake football game on Monday night in Oakland. According to the box score, a little more than 50,000 people attended this game. Why is not the issue; I don't know why anyone would pay $100 to watch that crap.

If I paid to watch that I would demand a refund, and a case of beer so as not to sue the NFL for breach of contract. Or something. Somebody is getting sued if I drop $100 to watch 3-0 fake football.

Thats' right, Roger, the final score was 3-0. Please do not be fooled into believing the final score indicates the quality of entertainment produced by these two teams. This was unwatchable. I'm not even sure the parents and loved ones of the actual players could have watched this game without feeling ill.

A few years ago you lobbied hard to reduce the exhibition season by two and have an 18-game regular season schedule. It felt like a done deal, until the union stood on this issue and you backed off. So four fake football games remain on the schedule.

Hosting a pair of home games where the owners pay the players almost nothing while charging regular-season ticket prices is the easiest money this league makes. It is also perhaps one of the worst gestures among the four major pro sports leagues, and serve as a nasty tease to us fans. Technically, it is football. But it's not. We really have another month before real football begins.

Oakland-Raiders-vs-Dallas-Cowboys3If the NFL is going to keep the 16-game regular season schedule, which it should therby reducing the risk of diluting its product, it does not mean it can't tinker with this four-game preseason. Get rid of the four games and go to three, or two.

Or, reduce the prices of these preseason tickets by half so the fans who already know they are getting screwed don't feel exploited. Do that, or give away seats to people who can't neccesarily afford to see a pro football game in person.

You can't change the fact that preseason football is bad; there is simply too much to lose for both the coach and the player to expose much of anything from certain plays or formations to more than a handful of snaps for the best players.

Fake football is a minor league product, so do the right thing and charge a minor league price.


An NFL fan


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As a season ticket holder this year is the worst. On a regular year it is near impossible to sell the seats for the 4th pre-season game. This year it is on a Wednesday at 7 pm! That makes it absolutely impossible. I can't take my family there on a school night so I'll probably end up donating them to charity. That's $560 down the drain.

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