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Dozens rejoice: Longhorn Network to be picked up by AT&T uVerse

Steele_galindo_dunn3032195Between 8 a.m. to noon today more of us can now watch the 30-minute Longhorn Extra on The Longhorn Network. At noon, we can watch the Toledo vs. Texas game from Aug. 26, 2012. That's a soccer game. And at 2:30, The Season: 2011 Longhorns.

This sounds like hell.

The one-year old network no one can watch just received a boost when it was reported that AT&T uVerse will carry the channel for its subscribers.

This should be in time for those cable subscribers to be able to watch the Texas-Wyoming game on Saturday night. 

This is a major, and necessary, move for the network that previously had been available to precious few viewers.

For Longhorn fans, this seriously has to be great news they can watch coverage of their team 24/7.  
For the rest of the country, we would rather watch Clint Eastwood stammer through a conversation with an empty chair.


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Longhorn Spendor

Awww, someone sounds a bit envious. This is over the top for longhorn fans. You should actually watch the channel. The presentation is slick and the content is solid. The added bonus is that it is profitable for UT. Go horns!

Real Longhorn Fan

This longhorn network just needs to go away.


Awh, poor Aggie fan. What a horribly biased column

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