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Empty your pockets: Craig James needs your $$ to pay off campaign debt

CraigJames1CMS_jpg_800x1000_q100Just when we thought the gift that kept on giving, the Craig James run for U.S. Senate, was over it still lives. Thank you, God.

Not only did Mr. James finish just shy of winning the Republican seat for Senate in the great state a' Texas (he received about 4 percent of the vote, just short of the required amount necessary to win), but apparently in doing so he created a bit of a debt for himself.

James has sent out the following letter to his contributors:


If you are unable to read the print, basically he needs cash to pay the debt created by running his campaign.

I really like this part: "First and foremost, the Message we delivered was well received across the great State of Texas. The issue was not the message, it was time and money. Each of the other campaigns had been in the U.S. Senate race from nineteen months to two years. This fact allowed those candidates to raise financial resources and build case endorsements and important networks in political organizations. It was a good lesson learned."

This explains why Craig James was unable to cross that political goal line: He didn't have enough money. 

The question now is - what are you waiting for?

Who cares if you don't have the money, Craig needs our help. Click here to donate all of the money you have to make sure Craig clears his debt immediately.


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I will gladly pay him under one condition....I never have to look or listen to the condescending fool on ESPN.

Red Raider

I love Draino's comment. I too will give lavishily to his "campaign" if I never have to hear or see him in any sports broadcasts. He sux.

Another Red Raider

Hilarious. Hey, Craig...I hear that Mike Leach has a big new contract. Ask him for money. Or, just ask SMU for more.

Bob In Arlington

A fool and his money is soon parted.

This man is so ecotistical that he actually believed that Texans would vote for a TV analyist to become a Senator?

Craig, just go quietly away while you still have the big house and some cash in the bank.

No One, and that's a capital NO ONE, wants to listen to you anymore.

Adios,... by the way do you still have that Trans AM????

Trans Am

I liked how he started off referring to 'the Campaign' and 'the Message' , capitalizing them to let us know just how significant it all was.

But he couldn't even keep up the charade for 4 full paragraphs, reverting to lower case later on.

Ego, thy name is ex-Jock-cum-wannabe-politico.

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