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End of The Office is coming

Theoffice1NBC isn't exactly cranking out hits lately, so the decision to drop The Office could not have been easy.

The longest running comedy on NBC will end after this, its ninth season.

After eight years, it is very likely only the diehards remain. The show had jumped the shark sometime ago, but the cast of weirdos and other people we could all relate to very likely kept the core audience very high.

Executive producer Greg Daniels, who ran the show for its first five season, is returning for this last year. He said a lot of questions will be answered, such as who is the documentary crew that conducted the interviews during the show.

Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) left the show a few years ago the void was too great for any one player to fill. Even though his character was wonderfully absent minded, Michael Scott was the brains of that show while everyone else provided the heart.

Rainn Wilson created such a memorable character in Dwight Schrute, but he needed Michael Scott.

There are so many other people it has to be nearly impossible for the writers to follow them all, much less create any type of story lines that can be followed from one week to the next.

Daniels said  Carrell may return in a limited role this season.

It has been one of TV's best scripted shows, and it did a great service to the original BBC version. Lasting eight or nine seasons, especially on NBC, is fantastic.

The show will begin its final season on Thursday, Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. central.

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