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Former Everman & UTEP WR Kris Adams talks NFL, Andrew Luck & Mrs. Bairds

10utepdwalksANDERSON, Indiana - Not easy finding a lot of Fort Worth connections at Indianapolis Colts training camp, but there is one man who knows the sweet smell of the Mrs. Bairds bread factory located on I-35 just south of I-20 in the F-Dub.

Kris Adams is a graduate of Everman High School who played his college ball at UTEP. He is in Colts' camp after bouncing around a few practice squads last season, his first in the NFL. Adams knows he is a long shot, even on a team that is in full rebuild mode that needs wide receivers. The team figures to carry five wide receivers on the active roster this season, and he has a shot.

Unlike his days at UTEP when he was far too valuable and precious to play special teams, if Adams has any real chance to make this roster he has to play one of this spot, the most thankful position on a team. He'd rather play ball than help his parents run the "Hugs and Kisses, Too" daycare center in Fort Worth, although he usually does help out when he is back home.

The Big Mac Blog: Is it different for you trying to play special teams whereas in college you didn't?
Kris Adams: Yeah, it is. In college, I actually asked the coaches to let me do it. They let me do it my senior year and then I got hurt a little bit and that was it. I never did it again.

The Big Mac Blog: Do you think it's hard for players to come into this league and have to want to do it to make a spot because before it may have been beneath them?
Kris Adams: Oh yeah. But I'm just trying to make myself as valuable as I can to the team and show them I can do a lot of different things.

AdamsmugThe Big Mac Blog: Have you had a chance to play with Andrew Luck yet?
Kris Adams: A little bit. I've taken some reps with the ones.

The Big Mac Blog: What are your impressions of him so far?
Kris Adams: He's impressive. He makes some throws that you don't think there is any way a guy can get a ball, too.

The Big Mac Blog: Do you get back to Fort Worth very much
Kris Adams: Not too much. Not as much as I want. I have a son who is four and he's there and I like to get there now as much as I can, but in the season it's hard. I love going back.

The Big Mac Blog: What is your favorite place in Fort Worth to eat?
Kris Adams: The normal places. A Steak and Shake was built not too far from our house and I always like that.

The Big Mac Blog: So you lived close enough to the Mrs. Baird bread factory?
Kris Adams: Oh yeah. I could smell that from my house every morning.


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