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How Jason Witten and Jerry Jones don't see eye to eye

B613e55f243ebdee68e2f69a48666b5dGod ... I love Jerry Jones. The man is genius.

Whether it's telling the world he loves him some glory hole, which, hey, who doesn't?, or admitting he was initially "too pissed" to talk to Dez Bryant, or now telling a group his team is going to beat the New York Giants' asses, the man simply can't help himself.

He is always, always brilliant, fun theater. No other owner in sports provides as much printable, fun, content as Jerry. He never takes himself too seriously, and has fun with sports. No other person in sports can take a shot the way he can, and return the verbal volley with a smile and a handshake.

Now, about that whole winning thing.

Jerry's rhetoric does fly directly in the face of some of his more high profile employees. Namely, tight end Jason Witten.

Jerry-jonesOn the final day of the Dallas Cowboys' mini camp in June, Witten told me, "We have a lot of work to do and we know what the expectations are. We need to keep our mouths shut."

Witten, as well as a great number of his teammates, would agree that this team hasn't earned the right to talk. The star on their helmet may be tarnished through mediocrity, but it remains a major target for the other 31 teams in the NFL. Teams still love kicking the hell out of the Dallas Cowboys whenever they can.

The players know this, and combined through a slew of 8-8, 9-7 seasons their rhetoric is usually fairly bland. 

There isn't much they can do about the guy who signs their checks.

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Daniel Runyon

Jerry Jones is a character and NEEDS to hire a real live GM, but other than that he is my kind of owner. He spends the money, has really built the crown jewel of the NFL, and he puts an exciting product on the field. He should let somebody make the big boy football decisions but other than that I love him. He puts on quite a show.

Jerry's World

You are flat out crazy if you don't love Jerry Jones. Guys like you, in the media, have to love him. Hang around him long enough and he will say or do something really stupid that brings in readers. I think he is dumb but he sure is rich and a good self promoter

Paul Barnes

IMHO Mr. Jones promotes himself at the expense of the Cowboys. With a few exceptions they no longer play as a team but rather as a few individual stars. Long gone is the luster from Landry, Staubach, Lily, too tall Jones, & the DOOMSDAY DEFENSE. I sincerely miss the real cowboys & there exciting yet class act.

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