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Indianapolis Colts' tackle has this warning for TCU QB Casey Pachall

1_winston-justiceANDERSON, Ind. - Regardless if you loathe my opinion that TCU QB Casey Pachall should be suspended for this drug failure flap, it cannot be debated that these activities are going to be used against him - repeatedly - when the time comes for him to look at the NFL.

Pachall has an NFL future.

The type of incidents have a way of not going away for a while, and will become a "character" issue. This will become a bottom line deal, and as Winston Justice can attest this issue is not some made-up joke. This will become very real for Pachall, and can affect his potential NFL career.

In 2006, Winston Justice was left tackle coming out of USC. Then-Panthers coach John Fox said Justice was a top-10 pick. Justice performed well at the pre-draft combine, and it was agreed he was first-round grade player.

Justice was selelected with the 39th pick of the draft by the Eagles. He fell because there were "character" concerns. Justice had been arrested once at USC for soliciting a prostitute, and for waving a pellet gun at a USC student. He was suspended for the entire season for that latter infraction.

Now 27, and considerably wiser, Justice realizes the impact those events were used against him during the evaluation process, and the dramatic affect it made on his initial NFL salary. This was six-figure difference.

"Yeah, there is no doubt those things made a difference," said Justice, who was recently was traded by the Eagles to the Indianapolis Colts. I caught him up with at Colts training camp this week. "What happens is that teams think that those things that happen will affect how and what you can do on the field."

Talking to Justice this week, or even during the pre-draft combine in '06, and you would never guess this guy had a run in with the law. He is bright, well spoken, professional, and polite. He has played six seasons in the NFL, made a bunch of money, and proof that these types of things can be overcome. Pachall can easily overcome this, but when the NFL draft comes around this will be an issue.

I asked Justice if he thought that how those events were used against him were fair, and that if entering the NFL forced him to change any behaviors.

"It really doesn't matter if it's fair - it's the way it is," Justice said. "I don't know if it forced it out of me, I just kinda grew out of that and just grew up."


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Really? Not thinking that these two issues are really comparable. Pachall failed one test and admitted to it....that's it. This thing will blow over a lot quicker than Justice's did....whether that is fair or not..


Let it die loser


Seriously Mac???? Are you ever going to get over this and start reporting something that is relevant? Get a life

TCU Parent

Mac, Please ignore comments like this last one from "Brudon". I am a parent at TCU. I know drugs at college exsist but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I want you, and others in the media, to continue to put pressure on students to not do drugs. I want what's best for my child. And a drug free learning enviroment is what's in everybody's best interest. Thank you for your excellent reporting.


More garbage from Muck Angle. Justice said nothing to or about Pachall. Who are the clowns at the FWST who allow this unprofessional crap?


What a joke of an article. I can't believe this is what you write... you are pretty much a hack job, worthless "journalist". The article makes no sense... you link two things that don't really link. Did this article take you ten minutes? Possibly fifteen?


I am also a TCU Parent of 3 - and Mac you need to get off your soap box already.

Yes, Casey did a stupid thing. He admitted and apologized.

Stop using his mistake to get attention for yourself because you can't come up with anything else to talk about.

Do you really want someone to spend every other day talking about some of your "mistakes" you have made around Ft. Worth?

And TCU Parent, if you are so gung ho on Mac continuing his so "informative" (not) expose on TCU - why don't you send him your child's name so he can spend a month telling the world about every stupid mistake he/she has made in college.

I bet you would be calling for Mac's head, not thanking him for beating a dead horse.

And Mac, next time you are too chicken to face those you have accussed because you are on "vacation", then don't go on channel 21 to voice your expert opinion. It proves that you really are just a grown up punk.


One TCU parent who loves Mac can't keep from double posting. What does that say? I understand why Mac stays at the StarTelegram, as they seem intent on putting TCU down, but why he stays on as a part time TCU professor is beyond me.


Mr Engel, is it your intention to make sure what happened to Winston Justice also happens to Casey Pachall? When he is finally in the draft are you going to be one of the first ones to bring up these issues again or are you just going to continue until then?

Nice to see someone so focused on bringing others down.


To TCU Parent -
I don't think it's drugs at TCU you need to worry about......

oh yea, and Muck this article sucks


It "cannot be debated" that one failed test and an admission of two other isolated incidents that happened during his freshman year, followed by months (and by then, probably years) of clean tests, will be repeatedly used against him come NFL draft time?

Really? Cannot be debated?

I guess it's a good thing Casey didn't actually get, you know, arrested or expelled from school. He might then have to go to junior college for a year before his father shops him around for his senior season. Wonder how far a guy like that would fall in the draft.


I have a question why was Muck Angle in Indiana? The FWST shelled out money for him to go there for some reason?


Engel once again showing how stupid he is. Pachall has never been arrested Engel!!!!!! What happened to him was handled by TCU just like they've handled student athletes since they started drug testing!!! Pachall should not be treated any different! He didn't wave a gun in anyone's face. If it weren't for what passes as journalism these days, the public would never have known. Just like they don't or will never know about all the student athletes who fail one drug test. It is and always be handled internally. Drop it Mac, you are wrong. Always have been, always will be.


Lol. I bet a million bucks that "TCU parent" is in fact Muck Angle himself. I typically respect my elders... But come on. What a loser.


Mac--give it a rest. Seriously. Casey has done his time, paid his dues. What your infatuation with this situation is, I have no idea, but you're really looking like a dork to most right now. If every team were required to suspend a player who admitted to using drugs over the last year and half, there wouldn't be any games the first weekend of the season.


TCU Parent - If you need a backwater writer to teach your adult (most college kids are over 18) about drugs, then you have not done your job as a parent. Bashing a student who admitted, and paid for, a mistake will not teach your kid about drugs in college. Nice try on passing off your job on parenting though.

Thanks to TCU and Casey Pachall, my kid does drugs now...please keep this from happening and save the youth Mac Engel!


I am a parent and I can't believe more people aren't supporting the opion this author has expressed?!?? Maybe serious parents just don't take the time to write it on this blog (or any blog) but kids shouldn't do drugs. TCU football players are looked up to. They need to live a better life, be leaders; not people who do drugs. I appreciate the views expressed by this blog and anybody who takes a stand against drug usage.

All you haters out there; what out, this story is going to linger all season long. DO DO DRUGS is a powerful message carried along with a ton of families.


Damontre Moore of Texas A&M played 12 games last year after being arrested for having 2 ounces of pot in his car! Christian Littlehead arrested for drug Paraphernalia at OSU but played 12 games and lets see if he plays this year after getting caught for public intoxication this year. How about Jorge Wright of WVU caught with less than 15 grams still played 13 games. I checked only 4 teams in the Big 12 so try expanding your knowledge base and go after the players of teams caught and arrested but still got to play! Sure it's bad enough to fail a drug test but that is a lot different than getting arrested and having it in your possession! Mac I've decided you are a complete idiot!


Mac, YOu are a gud writer. Don't let these idiots get you down. I love yoru stuf. I dont always agree with you, but I read your stuff and always enjoy it.

FYI I agree with you 100% about Casey. For the dignity of school he should be suspended. Integrity is more important than winning and losing.


This blog is a 'who cares' on my list of favorite internet sites. But the readers are maybe the best I've come across. The articles are completely forgetable but the comments are priceless. Who cares what The Big Mac thinks?!??? Who is he and how in the wide world of sports can anybody get so worked up about it.

I don't know if you read these comments Mr. Big Mac Blog, but you should. They are hilarious. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it. It sure does touch a nerve in sports fans. I say, keep it up!

Horned Frog Country

The reality is that TCU and other schools have a clearly spelled out policy for drug use for student athletes. Mac in essence is asking TCU to violate its own clearly spelled out drug policy for student athletes. If TCU were to deviate from a clearly spelled out policy in place, it could severely harm the university as a whole. It could create the impression that TCU is willing to deviate from policy and procedures which could create false expectations for less severe punishments in the future. In competing for future employees and students, people will remember that TCU is type of school that might violate existing policy to punish people for whatever reason. That is not the type of work environment that encourages the best and brightest to work or go to school at TCU. Furthermore, TCU violating its own rules could also subject itself to lawsuits in the future. With that being said, TCU or the NCAA could change the policy in the future and punish student athletes based on a new set of rules.

Contrary to what Mac thinks, the drug policy is most likely enforced by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or an administrator in the Athletic Department rather than the coaches like Gary Patterson. By the way, Gary Patterson required a whole lot more drug tests to get rid of drugs on the team after the initial drug bust.

Given the fact that Mac is a Kansas Alum, I have a feeling that he has a self serving motive in having Casey suspended for 4 games. That way his Jayhawks have a better chance of upsetting TCU.

Martin Lamanski

Say what you want; the Blog is the best sports blog to hit Fort Worth. TCU, and all local area sports fans need a voice; aka Mac Engle, and a place to vent.

This is it. Welcome to it.

Frog in MN

I haven't had issue with what Mac has written up til now (I've disagreed but he's entitled to his opinion).

However, this appears to be nothing but an attempt to prolong this story and maintain a negative tone.

There is nothing in the article that even suggests Justice is "warning" Pachall. And TCU parent, there isn't a word in this article about drugs other than the reference to his previous story.

I'm opposed to drug use and my kids know that well. But I drank alcohol before age 21 and even got a violation while at TCU for having an open container in a dorm on a very quiet weekend when 99% of the school was home for a holiday. But nothing about my experience nor Casey's has ANYTHING to do with soliciting prostitutes or waving guns at people.

There are plenty of examples of guys whose draft stock dropped because of failed drug tests in the days around the combine, but I doubt that a single failed test like this will impact his draft stock.

This is a big reach by a guy who seems to want others to follow his logic.


Your articles have become a joke. MOVE ON (FOR OTHERS TO READ IF THEY ARE TOTALLY BORED). THE FAVORABLE ARTICLE FOR YOU WAS PROBABLY WRITTEN AND SUBMITTED BY YOU. I only perused your article because I WAS bored. Have read your last article because I am truly a sports fan and you have so little to say worth pondering over. Love you Galloway !!!!!!


Oops, meant to say the favorable "comment" written was probably yours. Also, that I have now read an article written by you for the last time. You bore me . . .

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