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It's on: Fearle$$ football predictions are back with all of the certainty of a weather forecast

120209-michigan-state-cheerleadersBack because of increased pressure from the gambling community, The Big Mac Blog returns with more football predictions.
When we last left this segment I was bathing in imaginary riches. I began the 2011 season with $50 of Monopoly money, and by season's end I was plus $100. Cash. 

This season I will again pick a combination of college and pro football games to double my riches. 

1. Marshall (+26) at West Virginia. West Virginia. Mountaineers are stacked. I'm really thinking I may change this pick.
2. Boise State at Michigan State (-7). Spartans. Even though the Broncos always win these games, they lost too much from last season's team to win this. Feel very good about this.
3. Wyoming at Texas (-31.5). Wyoming. That's too many points.
4. Hawaii (+42.5) at USC. Hawaii. See above.
5. Michigan (+14) vs. Alabama. Wolverines. They won't win, but Ala won't cover. Feel very good about this.

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LOL...I been there Mac. Hope you didn't put real money on those!

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