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New Texas A&M director of athletics admits he never saw it coming for TCU; addresses scheduling Texas

628x471First thing: Asked incoming Texas A&M director of athletics Eric Hyman about the Aggies scheduling Texas in football. His answer was ... "I'm for whatever is best for Texas A&M."

That's a yes, but really a no comment.

Moving on.

Hyman remembers that day at Ridglea Country Club in Fort Worth when he announced to a large group of TCU supporters that their school had been asked to join Conference USA.

The reaction was - who?

"It was a Frog Club meeting and I was just so ecstatic that we had been asked to join Conference USA," Hyman told me today in an interview we had about his new job at Texas A&M; Hyman will be taking over as director of athletics at Texas A&M officially in a couple of weeks.

He was at TCU from 1998 to '05, and helped coordinate TCU's move from The WAC to CUSA in 2001.

"You could tell no one there thought very much of it. They didn't know what it meant," he said. "I remember telling them that this was such a good thing because this meant we were wanted. And if people wanted you that meant you were good. No one is going to want you if you aren't any good."

Hyman left Fort Worth in 2005 for South Carolina, but so much of the success TCU has enjoyed in recent seasons deserves to be on his resume. He was one of the original re-builders.

But not even he could see what was coming for TCU.

"To be frank, no," Hyman said. "It truly is one of the best stories in college football: 1-10 in 1997 and 12 years later they win the Rose Bowl. I remember I was watching that Rose Bowl game with my wife and we were literally in tears. People don't understand how difficult that was. My thing was, 'The only way for us to have options was for us to be good.'

"People at TCU wanted to be in the Big 12. Now, realistically do you think that is actually going to happen? I don't think so. But you have to keep grinding, and if you are good things are going to happen."

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SEC Expert

The SEC really lowered its on field quality of play with the Aggies & Tigers. More Alabama v Mizzou, les Alabama v Florida. Blehk.

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