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Nike still trails Adidas in the 2012 Offensive Fashion Statements race

Adidas-shackle-shoesHats off to Phil Knight and the design team at Nike for not running away from Adidas in this summer's race to offend the most people.

What do you have to say for yourself, Reebok?

In a summer that has already seen Adidas release the "shackle sneakers", Nike has thrown down with this Gold Digging t-shirt that is for women. I can't see how anyone is going to take this the wrong way.

The intent was to make a play on the Olympics, and women going for gold.

But according to, the term "gold digging" is "a woman who is dating a wealthy man only for his money."

I didn't know such women existed.

Perhaps maybe Kanye West could produce and perform a song about such persons, title it "Gold Digger", and make some money. He needs the cash.

Wouldn't it be fun to be in the production or design meetings of these products?



Adidas Designer 1: You know what we should do?
Adidas Designer 2: What, Bill?
Adidas Designer 1: Make a high top that has, you know, like prison ankle bracelets. 
Adidas Designer 2: Oh. My. God. That may be the greatest idea ever. Get out your pencil and start drawing. I'm going to buy me a yacht because after we get these things rolling we're going to be fat rich! 
Adidas Deisgner 1: No doubt! Apple, watch out! 

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Jerry F. from Dallas

nice kicks. skip the ankle bracelets and i'd buy those

J. Foxx

The shirt is a classic. I am buying a gross of them for my girl friends.


I agree. Get rid of the shackles and those shoes are totally cool.


I am going to be able to jump soooo much higher with Addidas branded shackles.

Mars Blackmon

It's the shoes

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