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North Texas & TCU grads create a website where fantasy football meets Facebook

Dumpster-fire-whiteFull disclosure: I'm not a fantasy football player because I stink at it, and because the last time I did it I won the league with Tom Brady and Randy Moss in their 16-0 season, Adrian Peterson and a handful of other guys who had career years. Plus, listening to other nerds brag on their Fantasy team now ranks ahead of listening to people's stories about their Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Your story is interesting. Theirs is a beating.

But for those of you who do like Fantasy Football, you will be interested ...

Chris Rodriguez and Ryan Cormier are both hard-core fantasy football nerds, yet they found that playing on sites such as ESPN, Yahoo, Sportsline or other providers tended to be a very cold experience.

"Those are giant news organizations that have fantasy football but it lacks design and does not provide anything where the fantasy football players can interract," Rodriguez said. "They are usually crammed in there."

Cardinals-cheerleaders(01)He has created this website called, which is where Fantasy Football meets Facebook.

Rodriguez is 29 and a 2006 graduate of North Texas. Cormier is 26 and graduated from TCU in 2009. In their spare time from their day jobs over the past seven months they have created this website to fill in some of the gaps of playing fantasy sports online.

"What I wanted was something that would engage the audience and encourage banter," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez has thought of pretty much everything necessary for a more complete social fantasy football experience:

* You can play in a private league that consists of 12 "teams", or join and you will be assigned to a league.
* You can pay into a league pot that starts from $25 per team, all the way to $1,000.
* acts as the commissioner, and the payouts are immediate.
* There will be a $100 payout per week to the highest score in the league. (BTW - This sounds like an outta pocket expense from the owners to try to lure players).
* The scoring is uniform, and fairly basic. A private league can't adjust the scoring to their preferences.
* The worst team in every league will receive an award.
* The drafts should be done by Sept. 3. The site is equipped with an autodraft feature if you can't participate at the pre-determined time; Rodriguez encourages you to speak with your league partners to establish a time to draft. 

"What we really wanted to do was to bring the social element to fantasy football and make it a lot more user friendly and a lot easier," Rodriguez said. "And since we're going to act as the commissioner, you don't have to beat down your friend's door to get your money."

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