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Not overrated: M&O Station Grill's burgers

IMG_1126I was late to this place, and although it's a bit pricey for a burger and fries, M&O Station Grill is worth the hype.

Located in a tiny strip area in Fort Worth's rapidly growing 7th Street Development, this place features an extensive burger menu in a fairly intimate setting. It's adjacent to Leonard's Department Store museum, which if you have a free minute is a free fun shot of Fort Worth history.

There are 10 burgers on the menu as well as an array of other items such as patty melts, green chile chicken, black beans and rice, etc.

The star is the burger.

I ordered the California Burger, which includes white cheddar cheese, fire roasted jalapenos, grilled onions and a sliced avacado. It also comes with french fries.

IMG_1127The bun isn't too big and it's pretty much lightly pressed into the burger. What we have is a very good, albeit slightly messy, combination of meat, a little jalapeno kick, gooey cheese and the perfect sweetness from the avacado.

As messy as it potentially could be, you won't need a knife and fork to finish it.

The fries are fresh cut, and lightly fried. Not bad, but not quite crispy enough to my liking.

The seating in this place isn't plentiful, but the decor is fun and retro and the service is good. M&O also serves beer.

About the only knock is that for a burger, fries and a drink it was $12. It's consistent with the new trend that the hamburger meal is rivaling that of a inexpensive steak.

All in all, try M&O.

M&O Station Grill
200 Carroll Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

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Best article you have ever written. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. They need to serve this burger up with some cholesterall meds and a stint, but it's worth it.



i don't get it....expensive as heck and very basic boring burger...greasy not fully cooked fries.

Hawian Burger

Really good burger joint. I think it's tastey. And if you like local color meets tastey burger (albeit greasey); you'll love this place.

Thanks for covering the local spots that make Fort Worth fun and interesting.


The fries are lame but the burgers are well worth the trip.

Bon Appetite!

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