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Now in the Big 12, TCU head coach Gary Patterson regrets adding this game

Gary Patterson and Team 002FORT WORTH - What should be a fun non-conference game for college football fans in 2013 is already something TCU head coach Gary Patterson is not looking forward to.

A few years ago he agreed to a home-and-home series against LSU. The first game is scheduled for Sept. 7, 2013 at LSU. The return game is Sept. 6 in Fort Worth in 2014.

The design was for LSU to be the one non-conference game on TCU's schedule that would give his team some idea how good they are. Games such as these, which Boise State has done for years, are vitally important if you are not in a BCS conference.

Now that TCU is in a BCS conference, the LSU game looks like a death wish.

"It's probably not a great game. You lose seven or eight players in that game going into conference ...," Patterson said. "You have to be smart. ... Back in 2001, we played Nebraska in the Kickoff Classic. We lost four starters for the season. ... When we scheduled the LSU game that was because we were in the Mountain West and we needed a game like that to find out where we are as a program. I don't need to find that out now."

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The regret is not playing LSU it’s the schedule. TCU took A&M's place in the Big 12 which came with TCU having to take a bad scheduling deal and will have to go back to Oklahoma State in 2013. Thus for the first time ever for any school in Big 12's history, for two years in a row TCU will have only 4 Big 12 home games and 5 Big 12 away games. Then on top of an unfortunate given schedule TCU has to play in an away game with a year in year out top three, college football elite team out of LSU. With depth troubles this year b/c of the off season issues, 2013 looked to be the year TCU could make a giant leap for the top of the Big 12 and a BCS bowl game. TCU beating LSU in 2013 but losing players would put TCU again at risk of having another year in the Big 12 with slim depth at key positions and again, if they do not do it this year, may hinder TCU from taking the Big 12 crown.


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Hypocrisy, so genuine and pure flowing through the Town of the Cow. Oh, by the way, Lubbock in 2013! Put that on your travel schedule...can't get out of that unless y'all are leaving the conference.

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