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Roger Clemens signs with a baseball team. To pitch. Again. Seriously.

ImagesProving once again that nothing can defeat an ex-jock like boredom, former MLB star pitcher Roger Clemens is going to play baseball again. Seriously. Not making this up. FOX 26 in Houston broke this story.

Clemens, 50, has signed a deal with the minor league and very unaffiliated Sugar Land Skeeters to pitch.

According to the Skeeters' website, he is scheduled to make his first start on Saturday. The Skeeters play in the Atlantic Baseball League. When I think of Sugar Land, Texas I usually think of the Atlantic Ocean.

Could be a big pickup for the Skeeters, who are 18-19 and in third place in the Freedom Divsion. They are 5.5 games behind first-place Lancaster.

Clemens' 873-year career ended in 2007 when he pitched for the Yankees, when he was 44. He was 6-6 with a 4.18 ERA that season. His last start came on Sept. 16, 2007 in Boston, a 4-3 loss.

This is not the first time an aging player hooked up with an unaffiliated club to keep playing the game that gave them so much, and they obviously love. The one that comes to mind is Rickey Henderson, who played with the Newark Bears and San Diego Surf Dawgs after his MLB career was over.

But unlike Clemens, Henderson did not play the game - and leave the game - with a giant steroid cloud hanging over his head.

Even though Clemens was cleared of lying to Congress for using PEDs, the accusations made by his former trainer - and teammate Andy Petite - cloud this man's future not necessarily with the game but certainly his legacy. In fairness, it was cloudy before the accusations.

Either way, if he is willing to do this it's hard to deny Roger Clemens loves baseball.

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Troy Claycamp

You're cloudy fella!


Rogers initials should be "HGH"

Maybe he can be in Expendables 3

Clemens loves Steroids

Clemens loves the lime light more than he loves baseball.

I loved him in Boston when he was 'The Rocket'

But I can't abide by this latest stunt as "The Juicer"


Hopefully Congress will step in and save us from his return to baseball.

Marion Jones

If Clemens is on steroids, then so am I

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