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Sorry, Mitt: College football begins tonight

139949607.jpg?w=420&h=315The Republicans were unlucky when Hurricane Issac rolled through the Gulf of Mexico during their big party, but the fact they would schedule their national convention on the same week college football season begins is a bit baffling.

On the same night Mitt Romney is scheduled to formally accept the nomination as Anything But Barack Obama at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, a far more important event/holiday is here.

The 2012 college football season begins with No. 9 South Carolina playing at Vanderbilt at 6 p.m. CT. Steve Spurrier is a 6.5 favorite.

There are many other games on the schedule, but the only other noteworthy game is the Mike Leach era beginning at Washington State against BYU.

The only way Mitt trumps the return of college football is if he brings in Sarah Palin to replace Paul Ryan as his VP (fingers crossed!). Mitt isn't a college football fan, per se, but some of his best friends own college football teams.

The start of college football ranks only behind the opening weekend of the NFL, and in front of Major League Baseball opening day as the most anticpated days on the sports calendar.

While an 'SC/Vandy game may not be a No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchup, it will allow households across America the ability to have a football game on as background noise.

The far more interesting game is on Friday night when No. 24 Boise State plays at No. 13 Michigan State, and on Saturday night at JerryWorld, No. 8 Michigan plays No. 2 Alabama.

Rejoice, children, football is here.

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I will be at the Ariz State Northern Ariz football game. Football much better than dull Republicans who rape the middle class!

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