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Texas Rangers today & at the same point one year ago

Matt+Harrison+Texas+Rangers+v+Boston+Red+Sox+BH7Lunt4RzUlDespite a first-place lead in the American League West, consecutive World Series appearances, the Texas Rangers apparently stink. Didn't you get the memo?

The Rangers avoided a four-game sweep against the New York Yankees by winning today in the final of this series.

Here we are on Aug. 16, 2012 and the Rangers are 68-49 with a 6.5 game over second-place Oakland and Anaheim.

At this same time one year ago, the Rangers were 71-52 with a 6 game lead over second place Anaheim.

Even with Josh Hamilton in a contract year, why does this feel so different?

Take your pick. A various number of injuries to starting pitchers that did not happen one year ago. Michael Young appears to have hit middle age.

The biggest worry should be starting pitching. Not only do they still not have a postseason hammer, but Matt Harrison is the only healty starting pitcher on this staff with a sub 4 ERA.

If it makes you feel any better, and this won't, but on this date in 2011 the St. Louis Cardinals were seven games behind Milwaukee in the NL Central.


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Jim Brimson

The displeasure with the Rangers performance is that they are underperforming. Given the talent level there should be a marked improvement in consistency each year. This year the fielding, hitting and pitching all have been both good and poor. I believe the source of the problem is poor managing. Ultimately, it is the role of the manager to get the best effort possible out of the given talent. The Rangers have been a dismal failure at maximizing the talent.

The one positive outcome is the management team has not traded away its young talent in an effort to win today. Mike Trout has illustrated the importance of infusing youth in with experience. The youth should push the more senior players to perform at a higher level. Washington under appreciates this philosophy as evidenced by his comment about not playing Olt at DH. Get the best players on the field to win this year even If some of the older players such as Young do not understand the deterioration of skills that comes with age, then they should move on to non-contenders who can honor their former contributions.

Baseball is a business and playoff contention is big dollars.

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