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The big screen's most famous mother is going to the small screen

Blog-2We never actually saw her, and heard only fragments of her decaying vocal chords, yet Mrs. Bates is one of the most powerful screen mothers ever created. She made Mommy Dearest look like Mother Theresa.

Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" is one of the very few horror movies that endures across generations, and although Norman Bates' mother was long since dead when movie goers visited the Bates Motel her presence was undeniable.

This picture of Anthony Perkins dressed as his mom at the end of Psycho always scares the hell out of me.

After a handful of stupid sequels, and one offensive re-make, the Pyscho series is getting the 'Wicked' treatment.

Actress Vera Farmiga, who starred with George Clooney in "Up in the Air", has been cast as Mrs. Bates in the A&E TV series "Bates Motel".

The show is a prequel that is scheduled to launch in 2013.

Verabates656The TV show will explore and tell the story of the formative years between Mrs. Bates and her son, Norman. I am fairly certain these two never had any counseling.

As Norman once said, "A boy's best friend is his mother."




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Revenge of the "Pscho"

Psycho 2 was fun but Psycho 3 was cheesey.

And the spin off "Revenge of the Pscho" was well made and an instant classic. The director was/is top shelf. Too bad it is only available on VHS.

Children of the Thorn

I loved Revenge of the Pscho. The promo's to that film were bone chilling. Who can forget "The Duck-umentary or "Children of the Thorn". Classic. That film maker was magnificant.

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