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The Dallas Cowboys & the myth of "If they are healthy"

Austin1The Fake Football season is two games old and already the thinnest position on the Dallas Cowboys professional football club roster is down to This Guy, Undrafted Rookie, That Guy, and WhatsHisName.

Receiver Miles Austin is out for the preseason with a hamstring injury.
Bet the farm on receiver Dez Bryant being held out until the season opener with a knee strain. 
Tight end Jason Witten is out perhaps through Week 1 of the regular season with a busted spleen.

So when you hear anyone evaluate the Dallas Cowboys' 2012 chances and the phrase "if they are healthy" comes up just assume that is a crack pipe dream.

Austin, 28, was limited to 10 games last season, and this hamstring thing seems to be shadowing him.
Bryant played in 12 games as a rookie in 2010, and 15 last season.
If Witten misses a game it will be the first time since his rookie season when he played in 15. But he is 30, and this is a spleen injury. You don't know.

As far as running backs go, Felix Jones has played in 6, 14, 16, and 12 games in each of his first four NFL seasons. DeMarco Murray played in 13 games last season; he fractured his ankle in December.

The safe plan is to assume that guys like Austin, Bryant, Jones and Murray are each going to miss a game or two or three, and hope the Cowboys' reserves are decent enough to provide some production in their absences.

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Bob In Arlington

Murray had a history of injuries at OU. Miles and Jones have the same history now.

The weakness in the middle of the "O" line is a huge question mark. The whole backfield could be scrambling for their lives. Teams are going to learn to protect the outside lanes when playing d'Boys. Running up won't be d'Boys strong suit.

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