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This VH1 Mob Wife is a big Dallas Cowboys fan & loves Jason Hatcher

Reneegraziano1Having grown up in the greater NYC area Renee Graziano is likely the very last person to be a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, or a close personal friend of Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher. Yet the star of the VH1 tv show "Mob Wives" parties with Hatcher.

Graziano is currently filming the third season of the show, and she stopped by The Big Mac Blog to talk about her show, plastic surgery gone wrong, the mob, and the Dallas Cowboys.

The Big Mac Blog: How did you get to be buddies with Jason Hatcher?
Renee Graziano: I met Jason at Miles Austin's family foundation function in New Jersey. I met Miles, Jason Witten, Anthony Spencer, Stephen Bowen, Felix Jones and Jason. A lot of them. They are all such gentlemen. We were sitting a table and I asked, 'Who is a Cancer?' Jason said his birthday, and it's one day next to mine, and we joked we should celebrate our next birthday together.
So he invited me and my son to celebrate our birthday at his home in Dallas. I went down last month and he was first-class all the way. I celebrated his birthday at his house, got in a bathing suit and was playing with his kids. It was great laughs.

The Big Mac Blog: Are you a Cowboys fan now?
Renee Graziano: My house was a Cowboys house. When my son and I play the Madden game he always picks the Cowboys. I am really excited about their season now after getting to know them. Stephen Bowen still calls my son all the time, I'd say once a week. The same with Jason. 

Renee-graziano-1The Big Mac Blog: On a different line, when as a kid were you aware that your family was not like a typical family?
Renee Graziano: I remember when I was 7 receiving gifts like coats and diamonds. My dad said, 'If you work hard you get these things.' I thought, OK. I was 16 at a club and I can remember people talking about my dad using the word, 'captain.' I thought, 'My father doesn't sail a ship.' They looked at me like, 'Uhh .... " My friend said, 'You need to call your father.'
"I asked him about it and he said, 'Go do your homework', and that was it.

The Big Mac Blog: Do you get any backlash for this show from those who have mob ties?
Renee Graziano: It's not that bad because this is my life. There are unfortunate situations that happen to many woman who live behind a man's life. It doesn't have to be the mafia. I know I'm not a bad person. This show has been the best therapy I could have given myself. 

The Big Mac Blog: How would you characterize how the mafia today?
Renee Graziano: It breathes but it doesn't have a lot of options. There is no breathing left. The ties have been completely broken down. I am embarrassed to say the mob that is left is not what I know as a child. What I knew as a child people saw on TV like on Goodfellas. That’s what I remember.
Over the last 10 years I have seen an absolute demise of it from my world. The FEDs came in and took the most important players. I don’t believe there is much of an existing one 

610x360-The Big Mac Blog: Your experience with plastic surgery wasn't great; would you do it again?
Renee Graziano: I have a scar that is from the screwup from the first one. That’s a nickel thick scar. The hole on my back is closed. That was really bad. That was the size of a line and it went straight down to my spine. The second doctor I went to and he closed it up and healed the plastic
surgery nightmare.
Would I do it again? I would advise women if that if you want to lose weight properly, don't do it the way I did but get off your ass and go to the gym. If you have excess skin, do (surgery). Don't do what I did because I was lazy.

The Big Mac Blog: Season 3 of the show is filming; are you used to having a crew following you around?
Renee Graziano: In season 1 it was really weird. Come season 2 with all of the hospital drama, and my ex-husband cooperating, it was actually really natural. I just said, 'I'm going to be who I am.'

The Big Mac Blog: Would you advise people to do a reality show?
Renee Graziano: I would really say you have to research it and figure out what they want, because what they want is what hidden. What is reality TV if you don't have some secrets?

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