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USA Today college football coaches poll says TCU ain't Texas

Cheerleaders-LSU_display_imageThe preseason college football is nothing more than a waste of time and should serve primarily as a conversation piece but it does make a difference in a format where it's more about who you know than who you beat.

Click here for the entire USA Today Coaches Top 25 poll.

Not a real big surprise. It's hard core SEC. 

LSU is 1, Alabama 2, Georgia 6, South Carolina 9, Arkansas 10, Florida 23 and Auburn is 25.

The great state a' Texas didn't fare so well. Only two ranked teams: Texas is No. 15 and TCU is 17.

Never ceases to amaze how the Horns can be mediocre and routinely generate such expectations. 


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Jeff Tyrie

I agree, Mac. Also, how does Notre Dame end up in the pre-season top 25 every year?


Horns have been mediocre for two years...and mediocre by their standards. TCU is gonna be fine in the Big 12, but hold off before ripping Texas.

Paul Barnes

TX should be #1 based on their recruiting year after year; they can do so little with so much talent.


Never ceases to amaze how Notre Dame can be mediocre and routinely generate such expectations.


It amazes me how Texas A&M can recruit so well and never make the top 25. In 2013 A&M is living off the SEC name. Recruits would be better served playing for a stable, top of the line coaching staff that will help them develop to get their talents in the NFL such as with TCU. Not to mention an top 25 appearance & bowl game.


mediocre Texas has won a hell of a lot more games than the great TCU

mac keep ripping craig james and leave sports to people who know what there talking about


Mac, it is called recruiting. Texas doesn't always coach em up but their recruiting rankings are always Top Ten. This is a plus for TCU because it shows that Patterson knows how to use his onfield talent. Mac Brown? Not so much.


Mediocre? Based on your context you imply a year-after-year type thing. They've had a couple down years after a remarkable 7-yr run lead by VY and Colt. Now maybe they didn't meet expectations but even Phil Simms kid won a lot of games...Major too.

C'mon now're supposed to be bringing thought, philosophy, history and perspective - applied intelligence - to the discussion.

On this piece...FAIL.


Other apparently mediocre teams with high expectations:

Notre Dame
Florida State

Everybody else in the top 25 had double-digit wins last year. Among the teams with 9 or fewer wins, UT and those listed above probably deserve to be ranked more than those teams that weren't ranked (including such powerhouses as Washington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Utah, South Florida, and Louisiana Tech, among quite a few others).

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