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USC No. 1 in preseason AP poll; the rest is SEC giblets

2010squad02It is agreed that the college football preseason polls are a giant waste of time because they are just so wrong, but they are nonetheless a lot of fun.

This morning the AP has released its 2012 college football preseason poll, and Lane Kiffin's semi-pro USC Trojans are apparently the best team in the country. It helps the Trojans play in a Pac-12 that features a total of three ranked teams.

Five of the top 10 are from the SEC. Six of the top 25 come from the Big 12, including TCU at 20. 

1. USC (25)
2. Alabama (17)
3. LSU (16)
4. Oklahoma (1)
5. Oregon
6. Georgia
7. Florida State
8. Michigan (1)
9. South Carolina
10. Arkansas
11. West Virginia
12. Wisconsin
13. Michigan State
14. Clemson
15. Texas
16. Va Tech.
17. Nebraska
51UUq2aZAJL18. Ohio State
19. Oklahoma State
20. TCU
21. Stanford
22. Kansas State 
23. Florida
24. Boise State
25. Louisville

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Were is your beloved Kansas? They suck and so do you.

celtic pride

pre-season rankings are a joke, but i think they have TCU pegged correctly. we aren't a top 10 school this year but we could finish, after a bowl game, in the top 15


You really blew it with the local sports' fans when you came down on TCU--so many now don't care what your opinion is on anything. Suggestion: Would start looking for positives to write about TCU players for an extended period of time, or have people continue to look for other avenues but you to get their sports' reporting and opinions. No, I did not go to TCU--I just respect ALL that Gary has done for the local university and thus, for our city, and shame on you for what you suggested for Casey. You have no clue obviously as to what goes on at OTHER schools and how it is ignored !!!!

Jim Brimson

I also dislike preseason polls, but your SEC and Pac 10 envy lessen your credibility. The little 10 (the former Big 12)is favored to be won by a former Big East team--that is a sad state of affairs.

CJ Cutter

All I'm saying is look out for 'The Ohio State' University. They are loaded. They have a coach. Penn State recruiting in the area has been off for sometime and the Buckeyes will bring the heat this year. I'm expecting a top 10 finish. Eat it Big 10.

College Football Fan

I'm not a big believer in pre-season college football polls BUT this one looks pretty good to me. I'm excited for the season to begin.


Louisville will have a break out year. Write it down. They will finish top 20 for certain. That team is loaded (for Louisville)

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