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What a shock: Report says Red Sox players want Bobby Valentine out

Boston-red-sox-introduce-bobby-20111201-160152-150Hope you weren't one of those who fell for the Bobby Valentine love letters from the many members of the FW/d and national media who expressed their love of this man after the Red Sox hired him.

As a media dork, it's hard not to like former Texas Rangers manager Bobby Valentine. He is affable, decent, approachable, professional, and good copy.

He is also a horrid fit for Boston, Mass.

According to this story by Yahoo baseball writer Jeff Passan, many of the Red Sox players have confronted team ownership about Bobby V and want him out.

The Red Sox are 57-59, and 11.5 games back of first place New York in the AL East. God knows it can't be the players' fault.

When the team hired him back in November I wrote this was a bad decision.

The Red Sox were ripe for a slide, and a guy like Bobby V was not the right fit. He wasn't the right fit for that clubhouse, and certainly not that market. In his defense, there may not be a manager alive right now who could survive that team in its present state. The Red Sox may be a harder job than the Yankees.

He is yet another manager being scapegoated by underachieving players. Bobby V can be charming, but with that charm comes a caustic tongue and a serious sharp wit that can be cutting.

These qualities don't make Bobby V a bad guy or a bad manager. He is a bad fit.

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Any idea what his buy out is?

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Go Sox -

As I understand, generally, a manager's salary is paid in full. No buyout. He is fired, and he will get the full amount in some form or fashion, usually spread out of a decent amount of time.


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