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What exactly did TCU QB Casey Pachall mean when he said "regret" & Gary Patterson's statement

Casey+Pachall+TCU+v+New+Mexico+CrGRiVsrJRflI am currently working on a longer column regarding the news that TCU starting quarterback Casey Pachall admitted to the police back in February he failed a student athlete drug test.

Turns out Casey's infraction wasn't just a little weed but cocaine and ecstasy, too.

TCU head football coach Gary Patterson has just issued a statement at 7:25 p.m. CT. There is no mention of a suspenion. The statement reads: 

""We were aware of Casey testing positive on Feb. 1. I have always taken a very strong stand on student-athlete health and welfare. We have policies and educational programs in place to help guide our student-athletes. We are committed to helping them make healthy choices and have moved forward. We have had 25 drug tests in the last 18 months, including one by the NCAA at the Rose Bowl. We've had six drug tests since February."

As a preview to my Saturday column let me just say crow goes very well with a Shiner Bock, or even a Red Stripe.

On the first day of Big 12 media day on July 23, I wrote that Pachall has been rumored for this and that, but it was nothing more than rumor.

I wrote in that column: "For the record, Casey Pachall has never been kicked off the team; he hasn't quit; he isn't leaving tomorrow for the NFL; and there was zero indication of him being involved in the marijuana arrests in February even though he was Tanner Brock's roommate and he was there the morning of the raid."


Yeeeaaah ... that sure looks good now.
Pachall told me that day: ""I regret a lot of that stuff, but I have learned from it. I know what is a stupid decision, and to not go around or attempt to be around [stupid decisions]. The scrutiny and the crap that comes along with that, that is the part I do regret."


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Crab Grass

Legalize it all.

Oh, and good job FWPD. Thanks for making Fort Worth a safer place {SARCASM}

Crab Grass

Mac, your column reads like Pachall tested positive for Cocaine and Ecstacy.

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Pachall only tell FWPD that he failed a drug test for marijuana and had only tried Cocaine and Ecstacy once in his life?

Drink a Spaten Optimator. Red Stripe is turrible!


We still don't have enough arrests to be in the SEC. But, we have the talent and the character for the Big 12. We have players who are young, age-appropriate stupid, who will either learn from these kinds of mistakes, or go on to jail or manual labor after college. GP has rules and policies that may seem loose, but I'll put them up against anyone else. Mac, write about the policies, and we can all figure out if they're being followed.


This is overblown and people are trying to dig up more problems for TCU because they love controversy. All the big programs have this going on. Dealing is wrong and players should be booted for that. Usng during the season should be suspensions,,,off season, the kids will party. Don't single out TCUbecuse UT has more drugs than we do guaranteed. Oregon probably has a bong in the locker room! Honey Badgers abound.....

N Erole

I will laughing at Patterson all season.


Engel again shows what an idiot he is and agenda he has. What part of Patterson knew since Feb. 1 and still took Pachall to Big 12 Media Days to represent the school do you not get? No player in the country is suspended for one failed drug test. The FWPD had an agenda in this case and was out to make a splash. There was no reason to include Pachall's comments in that report other than two eventually embarrass him, knowing it would otherwise be a private matter. Pachall answered the officer's questions honestly and he and the school has obviously dealt with it. Engel is a hyprocite. The FWST should do us all a favor and suspend Engel then move him to writing Obits. Or better yet do like they did his wife and can him.

Dee Simpson

What a shame that grownups can't find enough interesrting and compelling to write about except the regrets of yputh smoking weed and fooling aound with drugs in college. TCU is a good place with a lot of good people. I graduated from there twice 40 years ago. Many of them were smoking weed then and in universities across the country they continue. What needs to end is the demonization of youth and the lack of a compelling real story for a writer on the make.
Dee Simpson
Class of 1971


You tell 'em Dee.

Granted college athletes, especially in marquee sports, are held to a different standard and scrutiny. But Dee makes a great point. Don't get me wrong...coke and ecstasy are REAL drugs but let's not act like some of the smartest, most talented, most successful people in world have not partaken in these forbidden fruits.

Now if the kid has a real "problem" then I hope he gets helps. Those shouldn't be recreational drugs...

Kenny Whittenburg

Why would you want to compound the WAY over the top over-reaction to the 8-month-old so-called scandal? I trust GP to do the right thing, even if it cost him a whole season. Why don't you? Do you have ANY reason not to defer to GP's judgement? Seriously, I'm interested in your answer. As long as it doesn't contain a reference to Penn State.


Mac is once again showing how stupid he is. That Pachall failed one drug test does NOT mean he should be suspended from the team. It has been TCU's policy for decades that the first drug test fail results in 'in house' punishment and mandatory counseling. Due to hippa laws, TCU cannot discuss these issues with the public. The only reason it has made the news is because some shoddy journalists are digging up what they should have months ago. Now they're trying to start something up again. If Pachall were to fail another test, then he can be suspended from the team. To say that he should be suspended now is just Engel showing his usual ignorance as to how things work. Oh yeah, Pachall was only talking to the undercover cop about doing cocaine and ecstasy, but he only had marijuana show up in his failed test. Who knows, he may have just been bragging and not even done the harder drugs. We don't know. Mac REALLY doesn't know(as usual) and should keep his yap shut along with all the other so called 'journalists.'

John Boy

Patterson is trying to weather the storm. It took a recruit calling TCU to tell them of the issues with heavy drug usage on the team. Shame on TCU. It is behind us now but it cannot happen again. I am ashamed of Casey's drug use and hope he is as well. Move on....


The Big Mac Blog broke this story. I'm glad for its' journalistic integrity.


how could you write this about casey?? he is a good christian. you should be ashamed and fired.



You are the man for reporting on this.

Sure; who doesn't like cocaine and stuff but you can't do it if you are a QB/role model for a major university (or TCU)

Good article!!!!

Soccer Mom

Nice article. None of it's true. But I'm sure you are able to sell some advirtising with this type of sensational journalism (aka creative lying)


I don't see what the big deal is. The guy did some drugs; who cares?!?!! I don't see why it has to be blown up so much. Who hasn't done some drugs. He is young, dumb, good looking, and surrounded by vices. I say; who cares. It's much to do about nothing as far as I'm concerned.

Dance to the Music

The guy can play. So what if he smokes a little weed or does a little blow. He has a great arm, he is a decent enough kid. And everybody does this stuff. He isn't hurting anybody. WWHO CARES

"The" OSU

Mac claims GP should, "Send a Message" by suspending Pachall... OK, here's the message:

"I will follow University Policy on failed drug tests, UNLESS it gets into the Media. If THAT happens, I will shame you publicly beyond what our established policy calls for, so I can show the Media I am a Tough Guy."

Pitiful. Mac should, just every now and then, run his ideas past a grown-up with some common sense and real life experience before putting them in print.




One of the major reasons I do not subscribe to the FWST any more is what Mac Engel writes--prefer to get my college sports info else where now--he is a joke--and I am NOT a TCU alum, just a sports fan. Galloway is a treasure by the way . . .


P.S.I read his stupid blog only because a neighbor told me how ridiculous he STILL is. And his suspend Casey article that I also read while online just confirms his idiocy again. He tries to be controversial thinking it's good for him I guess--WRONG, just makes me and others not want to read the FWST Sports anymore. What an insult to Galloway to have the joker write with him in the same newspaper. Wake up powers that be !!!!

Ed @ TCU

Mac is the best thing to hit the Forth Worth area. His blog and articles are spot on perfect. We need a dose of reality. Anybody that thinks otherwise is a homer and not in touch with what is really going on in our community and sports programs.




I am a long time reader and a first time 'commentor'

Love your blog. You are a funny guy, insightful, and usually have pretty strong takes on your subject material.

Your article here is fair, balanced, and is excellent work. I hope you don't take the 'haters' at their word. Keep writing. Keep being smart. And keep at it.

Texas Red

I can't get enough of this article/blog/story. You suck.

Angry and Right

Mac is a communist pig. The guy doesn't care about Texas, Fort Worth, and no way does he care about TCU. Our Casey messed up. Who doesn't. All the "BIG MAC BLOG" wants to do is grab headlines, be controversial, and get ratings for self serving reasons. I care about our community. I care when one of our own messes up. We don't need this kind of junk written about one of our own. I hope we all ban together and run Mac Engle out of town. We don't need his kind. He isn't one of us and we sure don't need his critisim of one of our own.

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