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Where Aggie Ryan Tannehill has an easier road in Miami than Andrew Luck in Indy

Ryan_638772313How Ryan Tannehill was stuck behind Jarrod Johnson for as long as he was is as much as an indictment on former Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman as anything he did in his tenure in College Station. Sherman was a quarterbacks/offense guy, too. 

(Of course, there was about a week I lobbied for Jarrod Johnson to be pushed for the Heisman; stupid knows its own.)

Tonight at JerryWorld, Tannehill will play for the Miami Dolphins in the final fake football game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Ryan Tannehill was the No. 8 selection in the April NFL draft. This was the first time since the Fish selected a QB in the first round of the draft since taking Dan Marino in 1983.

Rather than wait any time at all, the Miami Dolphins have already named Tannehill their starting quarterback.

Unlike in Indianapolis where Ryan Luck is replacing God in Peyton Manning, Tannehill is replacing a collection of stiffs, backups and guys who just weren't good enough. The memories of Dan Marino in Miami are faded.

Since Dan Marino retired after the 1999 season, the Dolphins have been led in passing by:
* Jay Fiedler
* A.J. Feeley
* Gus Frerotte
* Joey Harrington
* Cleo Lemon
* Chad Pennington
* Ched Henne
* Matt Moore

Dan-marino-1986-topps-cardThis does not include any other guy, like the team's former 2007 second round pick in John Beck, who may have had a shot as the QB with the Fish since Marino left.

Who knows if Tannehill can play? He certainly looks the part and has the physical tools. The Dolphins have had a bad recent record of drafts, and both Tannehill and the Fish figure to require a decent amount of time to get this right.



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Fish Lover #13

Marino was the best. South Florida football has been the same since he retired.

Joe Robbie

Nice article. I love Tannehill and his gf/wife?? Lauren.

Tannehill has game. I hope Miami isn't such an aweful place to play he never gets settled. He is a pro passer and a really good kid. I hope he makes it.

Texas Fan

Tannehill has the tools but who knows. It's anybodys guess in the NFL. You see lots of talented guys wash out. It seems to always be a combination of skill, luck, situation and whatever else. I hope he makes it. He seems like a good person/leader and he is a decent football player.

Longhorn Splendor

Uh, Tannehill's path is tougher because he is not Andrew Luck.

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