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Why LeBron's $315 shoe is actually a good deal

UnknownHome after winning another Olympic gold medal to go into a trophy case that now includes an NBA title, LeBron James now has something no other NBA player has ever had: A $300 shoe.

That's right - Nike is releasing the LeBron X, which will run about $315.

A pair of basketball shoes will cost $315.

Needless to say, some people aren't too happy about this. Facing a decent amount of criticism, Nike released a statement saying this price is not accurate; rather the LEBRON X will run $180.

The higher-end version of the shoe, which includes some technological gadgets, will be available at a higher price. The problem is the demand is going to be for the higher priced shoe.

00023254Is this an insane amount of money to pay for a pair of basketball shoes? Yes.
But it is in line with a lot of high end retail shoes that the non-basketball playing public has demonstrated it will repeatedly pay for.

Just as Michael Jordan, LeBron James and a host of other NBA stars marketed being cool to an adoring public anchored around an over-priced shoe is not that much different than what Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and others did on Sex and the City.

By comparison, the LeBron X looks like a steal next to the Christian Louboutin "Lady Peek Geek Embroidered Pump" that costs $1,695 at Neiman Marcus. Or Manolo Blahnik's "Kahiklow" is a steal at $1,125 on

And it's a safe bet that these over-priced basketball shoes are far more used, and comfortable, than any of these absurdly priced high-end women's fashion shoes.

It doesn't change the fact that all of these shoes are total ripoffs.

The difference, of course, is that often times when the new Jordan is released is that there are literal riots to obtain a pair. A riot to buy a pair of shoes that cost $200.

No one is rioting at the Neiman's counter to spend a grand on a pair of shoes that will hurt like hell.


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i'm in love with bron-bron's new shoes! got to have 'em

Tiffany in Miami

Say what you want about LeBron but that man is a winner and I love his shoes. (I own two pairs)

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