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Baylor University: Defense need not apply

Usp-ncaa-football_-baylor-at-west-virginia-16_9As much as I personally like Baylor head football coach Art Briles and his defensive coordinator, Phil Bennett, what happened today in Morgantown, West Virginia is not exactly new.

Baylor gained 700 yards on offense and lost.

West Virginia gained 807 yards. The Mountaineers passed for 656 yards. WVU QB Geno Smith pulled an RGIII and finished 45 of 51 for 656 yards with eight touchdowns and no interceptions. His QB rating was 3,343,355.34. Or something like that.

Since Briles took over at Baylor he has executed one of the most amazing coaching jobs in America by making the Bears a winner, and Baylor football nationally relevant. He has done so by scoring, and then simply praying the other team does not.

Briles arrived in Waco in 2008, and the numbers have risen on both sides of the ball ever since.

2008: 4-8. Baylor 28 ppg, opp. 29.3 ppg.; Baylor 376.4 ypg; opp. 393.2 ypg.
2009: 4-8. Baylor 20.8 ppg., opp. 27.2 ppg; Baylor 342.9 ypg; opp. 405.6 ypg.
2010: 7-6. Baylor 31.2 ppg., opp. 30.5 ppg.; Baylor 475.3 ypg., opp. 435.4 ypg.
2011: 10-3. Baylor 45.3 ppg., opp. 37.2 ppg; Baylor 587.1 ypg., opp. 485. ypg.
2012: 3-1. Baylor 54.3 ppg., opp. 39.8 ppg; Baylor 601.5 ypg., opp. 571.3 ypg.

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Fire Phil Bennett! Now! Please!! How in the world you think rushing 3 against a guy like Geno Smith is going to work is moronic.


I agree with previous comment. Phil needs to go in a very serious way. WOW! He blew it. My 4 year old daughter could have called a better game.


The defense was obviously bad, but as a Baylor fan I was encouraged by the team's grit. At 56 - 35 it looked like another close game that wouldn't look that way by the final score. But Nick Florence and Terrance Williams made clutch play after clutch play to bring the Bears back and make the game close. Losses are never fun, but I can live with a 7 pt loss on the road to a top 10 team.

Johnny R

Mac - you make like Briles and Bennett but you continuously write negative articles against Baylor. Baylor lost by 7 to the #9 team in the nation. What about WVUs defensive giving up 9 TDs? What about this being one of the exciting games in college football history? Maybe you are still harboring anger at TCU not getting into the Big 12 originally and you are mad at Baylor but you need to get over it.

Freddie Q

Mac - Baylor doesn't need any defense. We need more offense you idiot. THE NAME OF THE GAME IS OUT SCORING THE OTHER TEAM. Get a life, you loser sports writer.


We need more offense. The SEC puts the best players on defense. At Baylor, we stack the offense. I love our game. I say score more!

Gordon G.

Baylor's only real chance to win that game was to pressure Gino on almost every play. Make him beat you with his legs or short passes, which he might have done ...but to rush three on 3rd & 7 time after time was downright stupid. After two log TD passes in those situations, Bennett should have abandoned that tactic for good.

Smith had way too much time to look way downfield to find an open receiver. Baylor's coverbacks aren't good enough to stay with those great WVU receivers for that long.

Baylor showed the rest of the Big XII how not to play Gino. You'll see Texas, K-State and others blitzing all the time.

Mario M.

Best game ever. Wrong team won, but best best game I've ever seen. Baylor is too good.


What a total heart breaker. I wanted to cry. We played out of our minds and somehow couldn't stop anything. Our defense isn't great but it's better than that. I don't think anybody should be fired but what a heartache. Crazy game. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.


Where's the critique of TCU's performance against the mighty Mustang's of SMU. Why don't you just preface each blog with your disdain for anything Baylor vs. the fake love for Art Briles?

Red @ Baylor

Dear Big Mark Blog,

Why are you such a Baylor Hater????


Phil Bennett should be fired that was the worse coaching Of A defense in my life, I feel bad for the players if they had a Coach who knew something aout Pass defense they could have won that game. If Baylor doesn't fire this man, nobody is going to want toplay there it will be like a joke.


There is no need to feel bad for Bennett, if you aren't doing what you are getting paid to do, you should expect to get fired especially if you embarass the school like that, he is getting paid to make this team better, they were losing for a long time their offense is really great all they need is a real defensive Coach and this team will be hard for anyone to keep up with.

ron wilson

Fired? Are you nuts? You have to have the players and our best goes offense. 7 more for the other side and we will start to win more. Be thankful for I remember many days when it might be 70-10 or something like that. Coach was smart and built scoring. It took 3 years. It will take 2 more on the other side.

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