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Big 12 should keep pursuing Notre Dame football

NotredameoopsThe Big 12 conference is already home to one mostly overrated football team with its own TV deal so why not just make it two?

News that The Notre Dame university is joining the ACC in all sports but football is yet another ripple in the never ending college realignment saga. How has this happened to The Big East?

Texas director of athletics, and de factor Big 12 commissioner, DeLoss Dodds told Kirk Bohls of the Austin-American Statesman today, "I was disappointed. But I thought if the ACC offered the same things we had offered, they’d take the ACC because Boston College, Syracuse and Pittsburgh are long-term friends. They landed in a great spot.”

Click here for the whole story from Bohls.

Even though South Bend, Ind. is not exactly LA and the Irish grow increasingly irrelevant, their football team remains a major catch. Thank NBC for that. Notre Dame football is like much of NBC's other programming - garbage disguised as Must C TV.

The Irish have made it clear they remain better than everyone else, and have no interest in sharing any of their precious NBC money. They shouldn't.

Even though NBC remains heavily invested in sports and needs programming, you do have to wonder how much longer the Irish can remain a national punchline and not be a "big time" program before NBC says, "Let's buy another school." When does the BCS ask, "Why do these losers get a pass?"

If this day ever is to occur, and it may not, Dodds would be wise to keep the lines of communication open just in case. Don't believe any of the contracts that schools sign with conferences these days. There is always an "exit fee" that can either be paid in full, or negotiated down.

The Big 12 has already said it will allow one school to have its own TV deal, so that precedent is set should Notre Dame want its mighty football team to join a league.

Dodds and his friends would be a perfect locale.


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Hey Mac, what are you... Aggie fan? OU fan? Please identify.

A sports reporter for a major newspaper should know this, but FYI, the Big 12 has not said it will allow one school to have its own TV deal. It has said all schools are free to pursue their own networks and TV deals for third tier programming like volleyball games. It's not the fault of "Dodds and his friends" that the University of Texas is the only school with enough fans to make money off TV junk like that. It's fine if you're a Texas hater and want to sell the line of BS that they're as overrated as Notre Dame, but you should really be a little more transparent about it. Your "blog" is becoming increasingly unreadable for me. Could you convince your wife to trade jobs with you?

Big Blue

Why would Notre Dame take it's football team to the Big 12? Who would we want to play? There are only two national brands there. No way we want to travel to Waco, Lubbock, Aimes, etc. We want to be in the best possible conference from the big picture standpoint. The ACC has tremendously better academics, bigger population footprint, closer to the east coast media, etc.

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