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Big 12 shows on opening weekend it can win C-USA, or be a top FCS team

Savannah St Oklahoma St Football.JPEG-0cb4eVery impressive showing by the Big 12 in its opening weekend of amateur football. While Alabama was beating the crud out of Michigan, Oklahoma State was taking care of business against Savannah State.

The Big 12 went 9-0 on Saturday and proved not only can it win a Conference USA title if necessary, but would also qualify for the Football Championship Series playoffs. 

* No. 4 Oklahoma was the only dumb one to actually go on the road and it looked very ish in a 24-7 win at UTEP. The Miners were 5-7 last season so considering who else the Big 12 played this weekend this qualifies as a "tough" out.

* No. 11 West Virginia fit right in with the Big 12 by defeating Marshall, 69-34.

* No. 19 Oklahoma State defeated a very, very underrated Savannah State team, 84-0. What is Savannah State? Got me. It finished 1-10 last season in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. Hope they enjoy T-Boone's check.

* No. 15 Texas showed all of its new uVerse Longhorn Network viewers it can win the MWC by defeating Wyoming, 37-17. The Cowboys were 8-5 last season, so it least Mack Brown didn't Mike Gundy it up.

* No. 22 Kansas State showed there is no better non-conference scheduler than Bill Snyder with 51-9 win against Missouri State of the mighty Missouri Valley Conference.

* Iowa State defeated a decent Tulsa team, 38-23.

* Texas Tech did a number on Northwestern State, 44-6.

* Even without RGIII, Baylor beat the living blank out of SMU, 59-24.

* Hell, even Kansas managed to win; defeating South Dakota State, 31-17. 

All told, the Big 12 won it opening weekend 437-137 against a collection of opponents that finished 52-56 last season.


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I hate Charlie Weiss

I can't believe Kansas let South Dakota State even score. Pathetic. Back up the truck. This season is over for the mighty Jay Hawks. Wies is terrible. I hope he gets deported out of the state and goes back to South Bend Indiana


I guess we'll have to wait and see how Alabama does next week against powerhouse Western Kentucky & later this season against Western Carolina (I guess North, South and East named colleges were already gobbled up by pansies).
I'm not trying to take anything away from Bama, they're damn good. They're kind of scary. After all, they beat UT against college football sensation Garrett Gilbert in the national championship. I'm just trying to make a point that every team plays powderpuff teams. Some play them early to fix what's broken, the others play them later when voters are watching. Either way, FCS schools want the national spotlight and the "big boys" use them to their advantage, whatever their goal might be.
I mean, gee whiz, Mississippi beating Jackson state and Buffalo Bulls getting a beat down courtesy of the Bulldogs was a helluva lot more impressive,wasn't it?

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