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Cowboys Bash Chat No. 1: Where to begin?

Cowboys-Seahawks-10-510x600In the second of what will be a season-long, next day chat with you - the greatest people on earth - we will chat about the Dallas Cowboys' previous game. Post your comment underneath and we can begin a discourse.

Question: How does this happen?

Answer: This is the NFL. When the Falcons finish playing the Broncos tonight 22 teams will be 1-1. Every team in the NFC North and AFC East are .500.

The Patriots lost at home against the Cardinals.

This mess happens everywhere in September. Can the Cowboys clean it up in October?

It was this time one year ago we thought the Cowboys should have blown out the 49ers only to need OT to win a game against an inferior opponent on the road.

By the time the season was over, the 49ers were hosting an NFC title game and lamenting losing a game against a Cowboys team that they should have defeated.

Before the season began if someone told you the Cowboys would be 1-1 after a pair of road games you would have taken it. It is the circumstances they are .500 that is infuriating.

They can beat the Giants on the road but lose to a rookie QB making his second career NFL start.  

Do you think this is bound to happen again and again? The answer is unlike in New England where you feel a loss at home against the Cardinals is an aberration, what the Cowboys did on Sunday in Seattle is very consistent with this team's identity.



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"over and out". Our guys are down for the count. I don't see them coming back this season. Seahawks are aweful. We have more talent but have zero leadership. I wish Jerry would get his act together. It's painful out there.

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