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Cowboys Bash Chat No. 2: It's about Dez, not Felix

Moorecol_0917spo001Priority: Focus on Dez Bryant, not on Felix Jones

Why: Felix Jones is done with the Cowboys, but we already knew that long before he fumbled the opening kickoff in Seattle. Running backs die so quickly in the NFL no one should be surprised Felix has burned up in his fifth season with the Cowboys.

The sad part is that he is only 25. His age says he should be able to live a little longer in the NFL.

That he was tackled by the 30 yard line after the game should not be much of a surprise. He may hook on with another team, but it’s clear that Coach Process and his offensive staff are focused on DeMarco Murray; they can find another guy to carry the ball five times a game and return kickoffs that seldom need to be taken out of the endzone these days.

Felix has 1 carry for 1 yard, and four catches for 40 yards this season. This is what happens to running backs all the time. The Cowboys are going to keep him around because … because they will. We should not expect anything from him.

The primary focus needs to be on Dez Bryant. We knew Felix was not going to give this team much, but in his third season Dez was supposed to show more.

He has seven catches for 102 yards this season. On Sunday, he caught three passes for 17 yards and fumbled twice.

He may still inspire opposing defensive coordinators to edge an extra defender his way, but there is going to come a point this season – and it may be soon – where if his production does not start to increase he is going to be just another guy running routes.



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