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Cowboys Bash Chat No. 4: Ranking the Cowboys dog house

420120916190630001_t607Ranking Sunday’s Biggest Dogs.

This is not an easy list. Everything could be 1, 1 a, 1 b

1. Dan Connor. Can’t miss a block on special teams that leads to a blocked punt, and a 3-yd TD return.

2. Doug Free. The Cowboys moved Free to the right side in the offseason because Tyron Smith’s upside on the left is much greater, and Free should have a better chance at being successful on this side. Free was brutal on Sunday, and routinely beaten.  Tony Romo was only sacked once, but his feet helped out.
Not that Smith has been mistake-free on the left side (see, penalties), but Free is better than what he showed Sunday.

3. Jason Witten. Three drops, some of which killed potentially huge gains. Romo threw in Witten’s direction 10 times and he finished with four receptions. This is not a spleen issue. This is an execution deal.

4. Rob Ryan’s defense. Despite facing a rookie QB making his second NFL start, Russell Wilson had plenty of time and completed 15 of 20 passes for 151 yards. He was sacked twice and had a passer rating of 112.7.
This is a total failure on the part of the Cowboys' defense. At no point did Wilson looked like an exposed rookie QB but instead a guy who managed the game and made a few plays. 

If the pass rush was non-existent, the run defense was worse. Marshawn Lynch ran where he pleased and finished with 122 yards on 26 carries and a TD. The defense was especially bad on his 36 yard where no one was in a position to tackle him. This team needs Jay Ratliff’s energy back in the worst way.

5. Felix Jones. Wow. 

6. Jerry Jones. Just because ...


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We are not good. Need LOTS of help. Why not bring in TO or Chad Johnson. We need help. Why not sign Favre as a back up. There are the guys out there that are questionable character guys that MIGHT be able to help us win. I hope we do some crazy things. This team could be special and we could dominate again.

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