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Cowboys Bash Chat No. 5: Reasons for optimism

Dal_120917_archer_and_watkins_postgameBecause it is such a nice and mild day here in the greater Fort Worth-Dallas area, despite the Cowboy's wretched performance in Seattle on Sunday there is always a reason for hope. I think. Maybe not. Let's try it and see how it fits ...

1. The Cowboys reflect the entire league. As stated below, the Cowboys are one of just the vast majority that is 1-1 at the moment. Can they just separate themselves even a little bit to look like a team that deserves to be and is capable of being anything other than 8-8 or 9-7? The line between 8-8 and 10-6 nearly non-existent.

2. The real regular season does not begin until October. The real preseason for a team's top 22 players is September, and so far the Cowboys have been erratic.

3. There is no way this penalty trend can continue. Can it? The Cowboys have committed 18 penalties this season for 168 yards. Couple that with a minus-2 turnover margin and this team is doomed. No way this continues. If it does, it's draft talk on November 1.

4. There is talent and there are players on this team. Out-playing the Giants in New York in the season opener can't be classified as some fluke, or a Giant mistake. The Cowboys were the better team, and displayed a varying degree of good qualities that night.
They are good enough parts to be a competitive team throughout the season. They have a pair of home games coming up and, this is a big if, if they can win at home they will be fine. 

5. No major injuries.
This meaning no one among the lot of Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryan, Tyron Smith and the rest of the major contributors is out. Yes, I know Mike Jenkins and Jay Ratliff have been out and the safeties may be out for the game on Sunday against the Bucs. Ratliff is the priority.
If the key guys remain clean the Cowboys should be in every game. Of course, they were clean in Seattle and that worked out well. 


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Texas Jack

Put down the crack pipe Mac

Cowboys did so well, because Giants were down to 4th and 5th string CBs

So a lot of teams are 1-1, had the Giants a solid secondary they would be 0-2.

No major injuries, what meds are you on Bryant, Ware & Austin all 3 hanging on by a hamstring

Regular Season is October, do you have Texas Rangers on the brain Septmber 9th regular season started you wait 4 can pretty mucxh schedule everything after 1st weekend of January

Crack Pipe

Cowboys are done this season. Dump Romo and start over. We ain't got enough to contend for a playoff spot. Our Cowboys will tease us but we ain't going no where with Romo under center. Hang it up baby. We are done.

Marco Polo

Yes, yes. The past is NOT prologue. History teaches us no lessons. The person at the top has no influence whatsoever on an organization's performance. (Since this is a presidential election year, we conclude it is irrelevant who is president, just as we conclude that it is irrelevant who is owner of the Cowboys.) Or, as Texas Jack says, put down the crack pipe, Mac.

Wacky in Waco

Back up the truck. The season just started but its soooo over. Coming off of probably one of Romo's best seasons, Romo looked liked...well, Romo. We are doomed with him at the helm.

Cowboys 2013

The season is dead. When are they going to hire Troy Aikman to be the front office guy. He cares about the team, is smart, and remembers his name most of the time. There is zero reason for optimism.


I think the Cowboys really had a chance this season; right up until kick off.


I want to believe but losing to Seattle.... come on man! I saw very little in that game that gives me much hope. We are an 'up and down' team. I'm betting we do very poorly this year.

Cowboy Fan

The Cowboys are almost as bad as your blog.

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