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Cowboys chit chat: No. 1 - Nicholas Sparks, Tony Romo & the trust tree

Tony_romo--300x300In the first of what will be a season-long, next day chat with you - the greatest people on earth - we will chat about the Dallas Cowboys' previous game.

Post your comment underneath and we can begin a discourse.

Question: The hero of the next Nicholas Sparks book will be: Tony Romo, Kevin Ogletree, DeMarco Murray, Brandon Carr

Answer: Romo. The game is for the QB and the Cowboys had the best QB on Wednesday night.

If the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys is not way high on your trust tree at this very moment then he obviously never will be until he makes these types of plays in January.
Romo may have had one of the very best games of his career against Los Giants.

The guy was just about perfect. He completed 22 of 29 passes for 307 yards with 3 TDs and a pick. He did so despite not having the world's greatest protection, sliding in the pocket and continually making the proper reads and throws.

Romo finally defeated the Giants, and Eli Manning, but ... it is the regular season. He has been good in the regular season before.

Do you trust Tony Romo any more today than you did three days ago?

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In the first quarter and a half, it looked like the same ol' Cowboys, same ol' Romo. But I thought he showed a real maturity in the final 2 1/2 quarters and so did his receivers, breaking off routes and holding on to almost every pass. But, for me, Romo won't gain total trust till he wins in December.

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Pencilneck -

That much is the truth. He has had these before in September, Oct., Nov.
Can he do this in Dec and Jan?

He has to get there first and there is no way around this was a great step.

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