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Cowboys chit chat No. 3: The weekly dunk tank

Jason+Pierre+Paul+Dallas+Cowboys+v+New+York+mID-qALbuaFlIn the first of what will be a season-long, next day chat with you - the greatest people on earth - we will chat about the Dallas Cowboys' previous game.Post your comment underneath and we can begin a discourse.

Question: Who deserves to be in the Dallas Cowboys dunk tank after their first game?

Answer: Jerry Jones. As much as we love us some Jerry Jones, he will be in the dunk tank throughout the season.

Tyron Smith and the interior of the offensive line. In his first game at left tackle, Smith was painfully overmatched against Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. There may not be a more dominant and disprutive end than JPP. JPP was not credited with monster numbers, but in watching the game there was a pile of anecdotal evidence to show that the Cowboys could not handle him.

Smith is still the youngest player on the Cowboys roster, and this matchup is hard for any left tackle. He will get better.

The interior of the offensive line was not particularly great. The names changed from last season but the results looked the same. Center Phil Costa left early with an injury and recently acquired Ryan Cook had no choice but to play.  

And still not a big fan of the safety combination of Barry Church and Gerald Sensabough. Plays need to come from the safety position.

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How about Jason Witten? He earns tough-guy points for playing hurt but he did have key penalties and missed blocks. Was it really that important he play in this game?

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