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Cowboys chit chat No. 4: Cleaning Jerry's glasses

ImagesIn the first of what will be a season-long, next day chat with you - the greatest people on earth - we will chat about the Dallas Cowboys' previous game.Post your comment underneath and we can begin a discourse.

Question: How do I get the job of cleaning Jerry Jones' eyeglasses and where do I apply?

Answer: During the NBC telecast of the Cowboys/Giants game, cameras caught Jerry Jones in his suite sitting next to his son, Stephen Jones. Sitting behind him was a man who, during one shot, was cleaning a pair of eye glasses with a cloth and he handed Jerry the glasses.

That man is Shy Anderson, who is Jerry's son-in-law. Shy is married to Jerry's only daughter, Charlotte.

The footage reminded me of Cameron Diaz feeding Alex Rodriguez popcorn during the Super Bowl two years ago at JerryWorld. Both shots became punchlines. 

Can you get this job? Probably not.

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