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Cowboys chit chat No. 5: Brandon Carr & Morris Claiborne make Rob Ryan look genius

Rob-Ryan-RageIn the first of what will be a season-long, next day chat with you - the greatest people on earth - we will chat about the Dallas Cowboys' previous game.Post your comment underneath and we can begin a discourse.

Question: Does Rob Ryan suddenly have great hair?

Answer: Yes. The mop atop Ryan's head is likely more a source of envy, but the way the Cowboys defense played against the Giants every thing looks pretty good. And even if you are no good at lip reading, it was pretty easy to determine what Ryan was screaming from the sidelines on Wednesday night: "Play some bleep bleep bleep defense! If you want to bleep bleep bleep bleep win bleep bleep bleep this bleep bleep bleep game you have to bleep bleep bleep ... I forgot what I was going to bleep bleep bleep bleep say!"

Props to corners Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr, each of whom held coverage longer than their predecessors allowing a front seven to get a little more pressure on Eli Manning.

Jason Hatcher, whom not enough people realized what a raw project he was coming out of Grambling, was solid as a starter as was nose tackle Josh Brent, who filled in for the injured Jay Ratliff. Brent is developing into a solid nose tackle; he doesn't have Ratliff's motor, but he is a bigger body who can occupy space.

Sean Lee forced a fumble, had more than 10 tackles, and is chasing DeMarcus Ware as this team's best defensive player. The guy makes quality plays all the time. Second-year LB Bruce Carter continues to make the Cowboys look good for drafting him last year even though he was coming off a torn ACL. He has the speed, and looks like he has the instincts.

The Cowboys held Eli Manning to 187 yards passing and sacked him three times; the Giants were 4-of-12 on third downs, and ran for 82 yards.

And a tip of the cap to Cowboys LT Tyron Smith for hustling to tackle Giants LB Michael Boley at the 2-yard line after he intercepted a second-quarter pass. The Cowboys defense held on the ensuing possession and forced a Giants field goal after a 1st-and-goal from the 1.

Anything about this defense you didn't like?

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Sergio Salazar

The deffense looked great! Looks like Rob Ryan is doing a great job, and he has to after all the money Jones spent

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