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Cowboys TE Jason Witten takes aim at himself

WitenIRVING, Texas - One day after Jason Witten shocked most of the local FW/d media types who cover the Dallas Cowboys by avoiding the press horde that covers the team he was out on Monday taking full responsibility for his season so far.

And his season so far has been bad by his standards, or pretty much any other NFL tight end standard.

"I'm part of the reason (the offense) is struggling," Witten said.

Witten said to a pair of questions that his struggles have zero to do with the lacerated spleen he suffered in the preseason and that there is no physical reason to explain the drops, penalties or missed opportunities. It's just happened.

"I'm going to be criticized. I understand that, I should," he said. "I don't want my legacy to be remembered for (his play in the first three games). I'm going to fix it."

Witten has eight catches for 76 yards this season. He had three drops against the Bucs on Sunday, some false start penalties, and helped allow a sack on Tony Romo. He also had a few drops in Seattle.

"I've looked at it and over-analyzed it just like you," Witten said. "Trust me, I'm frustrated. I know it's going to come. These are plays I've made my whole career."


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Big Ben in Fort Worth

Mad props to Whitten. He is a decent player and he is a stand up guy.

Oh Canada

Jason is a solid citizen. His game will come around.

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