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Dallas Cowboys victory formation chat No. 2: Cowboys D looks legit

439xThanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Victory Formation chat to discuss the "beauty" of their 16-10 win against Tampa Bay on Sunday.

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FEAR: The Cowboys defense is going to be lulled into thinking it is a top unit after reducing Bucs QB Josh Freeman to Quincy Carter-like numbers.

FACT: Freeman is terrible, and the Cowboys defense is pretty good. The addition of Brandon Carr has been a major upgrade, and CB Mike Jenkins should receive a nice pat on the back for his work against Vincent Jackson.

That said, Freeman is in his fourth season out of Kansas State and is looking more and more like a coach/GM killer. He is so big, athletic and has such a strong arm yet just can’t play. He was 10 of 28 passing for 110 yards with a QB rating of 45.2. That is really hard to do.

Barry Church, who is out for the year now, was replaced by Carr at free safety and there was no apparent drop. Carr is a physical corner who looked comfortable at that spot.

On the other team, 87-year veteran Ronde Barber has made a similar transition and still looks like a good pro. This can be done, but Carr would be better at corner.

Having Carr, Morris Claiborne and Jenkins gives Cowboys D-coordinator some flexibility, and room to breathe, that he has never had before. This secondary is holding coverages long enough for the front seven to pressure the QB.

LONG TERM: This team still needs nose tackle Jay Ratliff, who remains out with an ankle injury. Rob Ryan’s defense is the best part of this team.


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