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Dallas Cowboys victory formation chat No. 3: Cowboys favored to beat the Bears

Dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsThanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Victory Formation chat to discuss the "beauty" of their 16-10 win against Tampa Bay on Sunday.

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FACT: The Dallas Cowboys have been installed as 3.5-point favorites against the Chicago Bears in their game on Oct. 1 on Monday night.

REALITY: Do NOT touch this. In the first three weeks of the NFL season the Cowboys have looked:

1. Very good in a win against the Giants in New York. Tony Romo, Kevin Ogletree and DeMarco Murray were outstanding and the defense finally beat up Eli Manning.

2. Very bad in a loss in Seattle.

3. Very-ish in a win against the Bucs.

Who knows how this team will play or what team will show up when the Bears come? The Cowboys are very average right now.

The Bears are 2-1 with home wins against the Colts and Rams, and a road loss in Green Bay. They should be better than what they are; only Jay Cutler seems to be holding them back.

Just assume the Cowboys’ defense will have to win this. If they pressure Cutler, they can win. He has shown a proclivity to fold when hit.

But also assume that Julius Peppers, Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher , Henry Melton and the rest of that Bears defense is going to pound the Cowboys’ offensive line. This means more tight ends staying into block, fewer route runners, and fewer options for what likely will be a fleeing Tony Romo.

This will come down to a field goal, and special teams, which is another subject entirely.


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Bears Trap

Cowboys beat the Bears....jeez. Yeah right. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! We beat Tampa Bay -- NOT the Patriots.

We ain't beating the Bears.


The game wiil be decided by the defenses. Bears O-line may be eveen worse than the Cowgirls and Cutler is not nearly as mobile as Romo.


Bears---- beWARE


Cutler------ beWARE

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