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Dallas Cowboys victory formation chat No. 4: This assistant has been on staff for four years

628x471Thanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Victory Formation chat to discuss the "beauty" of their 16-10 win against Tampa Bay on Sunday.

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HUH?: The Dallas Cowboys assistant coaches, by years on the team:
Wade Wilson, QB coach, 9th year
Wes Phillips, Asst O line, 6th year
Skip Peete, RB coach, 6th year
John Garrett, TE coach, 6th year
Joe DeCamillis, special teams coordinator, 4th year 

Joe DeCamilis was hired by Wade Phillips in 2009 and since then the Cowboys special teams have been wildly inconsisnent. The good news for JoeD is that the unit was so bad under the previous special teams coach they have been improved compared to 2007 and '08 when Bruce Read replaced Bruce DeHaven. 

They had a good punter in Mat McBriar. They have had a good kickers here and there. The coverage units have been mostly decent.

Kicker Dan Bailey has probably saved JoeD from getting canned.

But the special teams have not been too great this season. The Seattle game was awful. The Cowboys tried a to surprise the Bucs in the middle of the game with an onside kick that flopped.

The Cowboys aren't good enough for special teams screwups. Maybe they won't get the giant game breaking plays, but at the very least they can't kill themselves with mistakes here. Special teams mistakes lose games.

LONG TERM: If the Cowboys fail to make the playoffs, expect "a change in direction" at the special teams coaching spot.


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You think they can't fire him, due to the accident? I figured he would be gone by now...

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